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To support the growth and development of all aspects of the industrial hemp industry.


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An NHA member is seeking Illinois residents to help get improved hemp legislation passed. If you are in Illinois and are willing to help please email us at so I can connect you. Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

2 hours ago

As we await federal legislation there is still important work to do at the state level. Lets help those light green states turn dark green and work extra hard to educate those 5 hold out red states!

As we await federal legislation there is still important work to do at the state level. Let's help those light green states turn dark green and work extra hard to educate those 5 hold out red states! ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

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Still until it comes off the federal substance list its still not really legal so when are they going to change that???

Does South Dakota REALLY have pending legislation? I have seen alot of cannabis (medical) stuff and know that GW Pharma is active there but nothing really on the Hemp / pure farming angle. Please enlighten me if i'm wrong.

Missouri is pending ? Really? That would be so cool.

Ohio....1920 called....they want their Reefer Madness back if you are done borrowing it

When did Nebraska pass and what are they allowing?

Illinois hasn't passed the legislation yet

Of course Oklahoma is in the stone ages still with all the Republican bible belts running the show nothing will ever change!! Funny thing is they are always getting caught up in some sort of sexcapades!! Lmbo

Idaho will never change until bitch otter is gone come on idaho wake the hell up it's every ware and it won't stop enough is enough legaliz it

The deva of hemp oil told me Wisconsin will pass in 21 months.

Ohio needs to get their heads out of their asses and do what is best for the state and not the wallets of a select few.


And stop limiting it - let the hemp gardens grow!


Come on Ohio!

good job..

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Just got off a conference call with Congressman Polis and staff for an update on the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017. This federal legislation would remove hemp from the CSA and open up commercial activity and exports.

While there was an earnest attempt to increase the THC level to .6% the ultimate compromise is that .3% will be removed from the CSA while up to .6% is allowed for research and does not expose farmers to prosecution or having to destroy their crop for testing at .4% - .6%. It also addresses the whole plant including extracts although it does not eliminate the need for FDA approval for new medicinal products.

By default passing this legislation and removing hemp from the CSA should address the banking issues currently facing the hemp industry.

The chair of the committee is a prime sponsor so there is great hope that the bill will be introduced this week (before August recess) and that it will move out of committee and to the floor in the fall..

It's politics so this timing is far from certain, but there is reason to hope we can get this done this year! Stay tuned for updates and ways you can help push this important legislation through! ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

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I'm 100% against this bill. Don't support

The Pharmaceutical companies do not want it legal until they can have full control. Think of all the money they loss when people start smoking weed instead of stocking up on anti depressants. Use weed to stop smoking cigs. Use weed for so many medical reasons. Weed instead of Opioids. They will try to take control, then the Government will tax the hell out of it. But think of all the things Hemp can be used for. Government will take over once we start farming it and will regulated the market with a quota system. Its always about the money. Thats everything though that can be sold. Its coming and soon we may even make money out of it again.

Totally fine with .3% THC. People can just move West like everyone else that smokes pot. This is Hemp. We need it legal on a Federal level for the banks and business.

Its going to be legal just give it time.

This will never pass.

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Hemp is Not Marijuana

One of the biggest misconceptions is believing that industrial hemp is the same thing as marijuana. The two plants are from the same species but are more like first cousins and NOT identical twins.


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