by Allison Glaser – Digital Media Specialist

At ONNO t-shirt company, we believe in the integrity of relationships. Over the past 10 years, our founder Jack Kanefield has focused primarily on creating meaningful partnerships with everyone we work with from the farm to finished product. It shines through in our business practices. ONNO makes t-shirts made from sustainable fibers: organic bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton. Not only do we feel good about the resources and inputs, we feel strongly about the ethical environment of our production facility used to make our tees.


ONNO coworkers making our shirts

ONNO t-shirts are made in Tai’an China. In 2012, our production facilities were relocated into the village where coworkers reside. This cut down their commute times which had been 45 minutes or more. Now our coworkers can walk or bike to work, as well as go home for lunch and see their children. They never work over time. The space has natural light that streams in. Along with sun light, there are plants outside and other elements that offer a good place to take their breaks or get fresh air.

We are lucky to say that our hemp is grown local to our production environment by a pioneer who has been growing hemp about 30 years. From there, it is harvested and made into hemp yarn. The hemp yarn is woven into fabric and our production cuts and sews the fabric into t-shirts that you know as ONNO hemp shirts. Our staff of about 20 people make only ONNO shirts. When you hold an ONNO tee, you hold the expert craft of individuals dedicated to our product and vision.

In order for the United States to create their own hemp industry, we need laws like the Industrial Hemp Farming Act to pass through federal legislature. As a member of the NHA, we want to support the dedicated team that is working hard to grow awareness and pass the legislation. So, ONNO is offering a special promotion to those who donate to the National Hemp Association of at least $25 dollars.

With a donation of $25 dollars or more to NHA, you can purchase two ONNO t-shirts, and receive the third free. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Donate at least $25 dollars to the National Hemp Association. DONATE NOW
  2. Place an order for 3 shirts at
  3. Email with your order number and proof of donation to NHA and receive a full refund for the third tee.