Eric Gricus

EricGricusHeadShotEric is a Program Manager with the Innovation Center of the Rockies (ICR).  The ICR is a non-profit, virtual incubator which concentrates on new company creation and commercialization strategies for technology generated from University Research, as well as assisting high growth start-ups.  At the Innovation Center of the Rockies, Eric oversees the admissions process for early stage companies, manages the ICR’s operations and works with faculty research teams to commercialize their research.  He also recruits and interviews Advisors, prepares companies for their financing efforts and leads engagements with early stage companies looking to overcome their challenges.
Eric has an Environmental Studies Degree, Business Minor and an MBA from the University of Colorado.

He is currently advising early stage companies in the hemp industry and is working on a start-up developing evidenced based cannabidiol products.  His overall goal is to see hemp become ubiquitous as a raw material for many of the products we use today.