Lynda Parker

Lynda Parker - National Hemp AssociationLynda Parker is a 4th generation Denverite with a lifelong concern for the health of the environment. Twenty-five years in sales prepared her to launch the Colorado Industrial Hemp Initiative in 2006 where she would promote reintroduction of this crop. Her efforts established the groundwork for legalization in Colorado and the passage of a pro-hemp Resolution in 2010, HB 12-1099 in 2012, and SB-13-241 in 2013, finalizing legislation for hemp cultivation in Colorado, making it the first state to legalize and cultivate in over 50 years. She has advanced this cause from Colorado State University to Colorado law enforcement to the state Economic Development & International Trade office, with the conviction that agriculture, the economy, and the environment will benefit from the integration of hemp. Lynda was a founding member and former V.P. of the Board of the Rocky Mountain Hemp Association, and a founding member of the National Hemp Association, and devotes time and energy to building a hemp industry in Colorado.