Robert Martin

Martin_HeadshotRobert is the CEO & Founder of Tartoosh LLC, a Colorado-based firm that provides government relations, tribal outreach, legislative and other services in the renewable energy sector. “Tartoosh” means “the stars” in Robert’s native Makah tribal language; just as his ancestors successfully navigated the Pacific Ocean by the stars, he navigates strategic results for clients that include tribes, non-profits, government, and corporations.

Academically trained as a lawyer at George Washington University National Law Center, Robert has worked in the environmental field in various capacities for more than thirty years. Prior to founding Tartoosh LLC, he was the National Ombudsman for the United States Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C.; among other roles, he served as the Agency’s designated expert regarding federal hazardous and solid waste laws, and he investigated and made official recommendations regarding some of the nation’s most complex and controversial environmental problems.

Robert also founded and/or directed several Washington, D.C.-based firms that served tribal clients across the United States with respect to waste management, energy infrastructure, government affairs, policy analysis and legislative drafting.

Robert holds certifications in leadership, ethics and dispute resolution, and has served on the boards of various organizations dedicated to the environment, children and American Indian economic empowerment. He is a frequent lecturer at law and graduate schools around the country and his work with environmental issues has been featured on major news outlets (CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, BBC, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, etc.). His work has also been featured in books, textbooks and environmental law journals.