Staff and Volunteers

The National Hemp Association is primarily an all-volunteer organization with limited staff and volunteers who have become essential in the successful operation of the Association.

Below are the people behind the scenes to help make NHA the best resource around. Thank you!


Erica McBride Stark Executive Director – Erica brings to the NHA years of experience in legislative advocacy, industrial hemp education, and non-profit administration. Erica was instrumental in enacting legislation in Pennsylvania which provided farmers and hemp advocates the opportunity to grow hemp for the first time in 80 years. She is proud to be managing three of PA’s hemp trials this year, and she is looking forward to serving our members and acting as a key leader for upcoming federal hemp legislation. Please contact Erica at

Susan Barnhardt – Volunteer Coordinator – Susan has been a business owner and consultant for over 35 years offering services dedicated to developing and maintaining the unique relationships between consumer product goods, retailers and their customers/consumers. She is currently working with the FMI to provide guidance for emerging brands. She is looking forward to working with our members to help them develop and execute their Go-To-Market strategy with great success. Currently, Susan is leading our volunteer efforts. Please reach out to her if you would like to volunteer. Please contact Susan at

Les Stark – Social Media Volunteer – Les is a Pennsylvania hemp historian who has spent thousands of hours researching the historic Pennsylvania hemp industry. He has documented the existence of hundreds of hemp mills throughout the state and uncovered an epic tale of the days when nearly every farmer in the state grew hemp.

Since 1997 he has been teaching this information to farmers, farm organizations, historical societies, community groups, the media, legislators and the general public. He is the author of Hempstone Heritage I and intends to publish an additional 600 pages of his research which will tell the full story of great historic Pa. hemp industry. Although he has a deep passion for history, his true passion is in helping to rebuild the  hemp industry.

Les served in the U.S. Marine Corps as a tank crewman on the M60A1 tank from 1984-1987.

Amber MacPherson – Social Media Volunteer – Amber MacPherson is an academic research science professional, adventurer, writer, aspiring film maker, and environmentalist who is interested in the role hemp can play in a sustainable future. When she isn’t in the lab, she is running, teaching skiing, writing, or working to build Makeshift Film Group, the company she shares with her husband. She is excited to be able to help the hemp industry expand for the benefit of us all


Matt Pederson – Social Medial Volunteer – Matt is an avid hiker and former IT professional. Matt’s passion for hemp has motivated his family into moving to Colorado, where he plans to continue his involvement in the cannabis industry professionally. He has spent many years researching the numerous benefits of hemp and cannabis. Over the years he has used social media platforms like Twitter and blogging to help spread awareness of hemp’s incredible history and uses. He greatly enjoys helping others while finding ways to be involved in the organic cannabis industry locally and online.