The National Hemp Association is governed by an 5 member volunteer Board which is elected by the membership for rotating three-year terms. Board members come from many of the nation’s most experienced hemp professionals.

Below are our current NHA Board members.

Geoff Whaling – Chairman – Geoffrey W. Whaling is the President and CEO of AgricNext and CEO of GWW LLC. He is also the Founding Board Member of the Coalition for Access Now and Athletes 4 Care. Born in Canada Geoff is the retired Founder, Chief Coordinator and CEO of Current Events, Corporate Planners International, North American Motorsport Events (NAME), Inc. and the GoodSport Management Group of Companies.

Whaling’s areas of expertise are wide ranging given the complexity and diversity of his government, business, entrepreneurial and philanthropic work. His strengths include strategic communications, government and public affairs/relations, business-to-business marketing and partnerships, sponsorship sales, large-scale multi-element blockbuster event production, logistical coordination, destination management, protocol, security and hospitality programming, merchandising, fundraising and promotions. A profound sense of “wanting to serve” remains an integral part in his life. (Term expires May 2019)

Cathy Hearn – Co-Chair – Cathy Hearn had a 20-year career in high-tech finance before making her move to natural foods. She joined Living Harvest in 2006, serving as COO, CFO, and ultimately President until the company was sold in 2012. Living Harvest was and remains a leading innovator of hemp food products (milk, ice cream, yogurt, and tofu). After LH was sold, Cathy made two moves – one from Oregon to South Carolina, and the other from retail to wholesale. Her company, Healthy Seeds & Nuts, LLC, sells dehulled hemp seed and protein powder. She currently contracts over 1 million lbs of Canadian hemp seed each year and looks forward to sourcing from US farmers. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with farmers and entrepreneurs working to develop the regional market. (Term expires May 2018)

Alex Seleznov – Treasurer – Alex Seleznov is the CEO of several hemp industry companies related to growing, processing, and retailing hemp and hemp products. Prior to obtaining those positions in February of 2015, he spent three years in the horticulture industry with one of the largest greenhouse growers in the western United States. Alex joined NHA in October of 2014 and has been a regular attendee of NHA events. Alex brings over 20 years of financial and operational knowledge and experience. In past positions Alex has been a Controller, CFO, and Operations Manager in industries ranging from manufacturing, public accounting, health care, and financial services. Alex has served as Board Member of a mutual fund and has maintained regular interaction with Board activities throughout his career.

Marielle Weintraub – Marielle has a Ph.D. in behavioral neuroscience which can be of use when discussing the scientific advantages of the endocannabinoid system, she is truly passionate in advancing the use of CBD oil as an alternative to other medications, when appropriate. Her current position with Covance Food Solutions, one of the largest analytical chemistry and contract research organizations, may help to advance the needs of this industry and adds additional diversity to the board. Her successful campaign to allow Hemp/CBD oil testing at the Covance facilities has been a big game changer for some of the members of the NHA. Marielle is based in Texas, however her position with Covance Food Solutions has her covering the mountain plains, including Colorado.

Christine Ianuzzi – Christine is a Managing Partner of H.A. Bruno Events, LLC. In January. H.A. Bruno Events, LLC, operates Leading Edge Expositions, LLC (LEE). Three trade events are produced each year by LEE: the Cannabis World Congress & Business Expositions held in New York, Los Angeles and Boston. The Cannabis World Congress & Business Expositions are business-to-business events for the legalized cannabis industry and are held 3 times per year in the largest media, financial and business markets.

Ianuzzi’s previous executive roles include serving as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer for Robocast, Inc. Prior to that, Ianuzzi served as Vice President of Studio & Production Operations, and then as Vice President of Supply Chain Operations for HBO from August 2010 to June 2014. Prior to HBO, Ianuzzi served as Senior Vice President of Broadcasting Technology for ABC Radio Networks/Citadel Broadcasting from 2000 to 2010 where she led and implemented the technical and business goals of the Engineering and Operations divisions. She was a key executive during the transition of ABC Radio Networks to Citadel Broadcasting in restructuring and realigning the company in a changing industry.