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We are especially proud to have such a stellar group of hemp businesses from across the nation in our Association. Please support our Business Members listed below. If you are interested in becoming a Business Member just follow this link.

American Hemp Oil

We started American Hemp Oil because of the inconsistencies in the CBD Hemp Oil market. There are a lot of amazing people being misled all over the web and we decided it is time to bring the consumers a brand they can know and trust. We wanted to give customers a way to control their issues, whatever that may be, without the use of prescription drugs and opioids that kill people each and every day. Something natural, real, affordable and made in America. Helping people is our main objective while running a business we and everyone else can be proud of. We don’t just offer accurate and consistent information about CBD. We are creators of exceptional CBD products and oils. Please come and join the American Hemp Oil family and get the benefits you deserve.

Phone Number: 800-850-1737
NHA Member Discounts: NHA10 for 10% OFF all products

Amrit Labs

We have spent a decade developing the most cutting edge botanical processing technology available, anywhere. We want to develop sustainable, organic, useful materials to help communities flourish worldwide. Using Subcritical Water Technology, and the latest in botanical science, we provide processing of medicine, energy, food, and building materials.


Mention NHA to gain access to a custom rate structure, and customer service program. No more worrying if you are getting the best deal on your shipping costs, the National Hemp Association has negotiated on your behalf. They have used their conglomerate buying power to get you the best rates in the industry. Call us today for your free analysis, and gain access to your custom wholesale pricing model.

APeX offers a unique approach when it comes to Logistics. We strive to keep the mom and pop shop feel while offering fortune 500 pricing. Our goal is not to simply earn your business, but to get to know you and your company on a personal level, understanding the ins and outs of how you need your product moved, tracked, and priced. We ask that you not just think of us as another vendor, but as an extension of your own company. We are proud to represent many different industries, and the hemp industry has been an extraordinary journey.

Sonny Westmorland, President and CEO of SS Vape Brands, Inc says, “Apex has been more than just a shipping company for us. They educated us on best practices, found more efficient ways to move our product, and saved us money through the entire process. Apex has become an integral part of our company.” From small samples, pallets, and full truck loads, Apex has the skill and the know how to get your company in a position to be competitive in this extremely competitive market.

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Call Today! 561.277.2733


BareRoots-Rx – BareRoots Rx Products an Organic Alternative to Pharmaceuticals
Life can be painful and for that Restore has the ability to bring you back to what’s most important to you. A powerful pain relieving balm infused with our ISO-Raw technology and made up of simple ingredients your body recognizes and absorbs!

BareRoots-Rx Inc.
7601 E Gray Rd Ste A
Scottsdale, AZ 85260


In 2013, Barlean’s set out on an epic journey that completely changed our company purpose. We call it paving a “Pathway to a Better Life” – the focus of which revolves around creating prosperity for people in a variety of meaningful ways. Thus, a significant amount of our corporate profits are now donated to help those less fortunate. As a result, we have come to view our products in a new light. They have become more than nutritional supplements; they are now our primary vehicle for realizing our purpose of paving a Pathway to a Better Life for those most in need throughout the world. You can read about some of the organizations we support below.

BBB Labs

BBB LABS is fully integrated seed to shelf hemp cannabis company. We operate a collection of diverse brands, subsidiaries and specifically grown cultivars that are supported by over 3,000,000 square feet of growing capacity, and over 70,000 square feet of newly acquired of extraction, processing and existing CDPHE and GMP compliant Nutra manufacturing operations.

In operation since 2012 and with over 30 years of manufacturing experience, our headquarters is in Denver, Colorado with 3 additional facilities in Colorado, Texas and California. We sell raw materials and ingredients such as crude hemp oil, distillates and isolates used by manufacturers of finished goods in a wide range of industries, such as foods, nutrition, cosmetics, and industrial products. We provide private label manufacturing, tolling services, formulation and design of hemp-based products. In addition to these services, we also own two subsidiaries with offer fulfillment and call center support to the industry. We are the leaders in formulation and implementation of advanced IP delivery and processing technology. Our team’s long history in Nutra innovation, research, product development and implementation, provides for an ever-evolving and improving operation. BBB Labs is proud to be a “seed to shelf” company with the mission to advance the industry, its products and global education of cannabinoids. 5% on all private labeling services for NHA Members 
720-504-3001 – Main Line

Blacklands Botanicals

Blacklands Botanicals provides stabilized genetics for high CBD hemp and is an approved registrant with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. We are located in the Blacklands of North Carolina and specialize in high CBD hemp clones, seedlings, and feminized hemp seed.

BMJ Group, Inc.

For the past 18 years, credit card processing services has been my life. Most business owners are unaware of what it takes to process a credit card transaction. The behind the scenes world of getting the money from the customer’s credit card to the merchant’s bank account can be confusing even to those that work in the industry. Being that the merchant services industry and CBD/hemp oil marketplace both misunderstand each other, I found myself in the perfect position to bridge the two.

Three years ago, our company embarked on a campaign to bring the high level of customer service and care that we provide to thousands of merchants across the country to the emerging market of marijuana, CBD oil and hemp. It has taken longer than expected for the banks and processors to come around, but I am proud to say that as of this writing, BMJ Group has finally secured two domestic processing solutions.

Outside of the office, most of my time is spent with my wonderful wife Gail, my four sons, my seven grandchildren, and the golf course. You can reach me anytime at

Boston Hempire  

Boston Hempire looks to further cater to the online hemp community. We pride ourselves on supplying the highest grade, hand trimmed, artisan hemp flower in the industry at an affordable price. All organic, all natural, and all pesticide free!! ALSO, look for us on Amazon and eBay! (Especially prime members). Ask about our wholesale pricing by the pound and our various retail options.

@boston_hempire (Instagram) 

Bota Hemp

We believe CBD should be an essential part of all health focused lifestyle choices and at Bota Hemp we aim to provide the best products to fit that lifestyle.

20% off for NHA members both Wholesale and Retail orders


CaniBrands is a next-generation consumer products company that provides more choices, more experiences, more often to the emerging cannabis and hemp derived CBD markets. With a growing portfolio of lifestyle brands, including OMG Farms, Sonder and CaniBrands, the company sells hemp derived CBD products online across the USA and cannabis-based products in California dispensaries.
NHA Member Discount: forthcoming code for 25% off e-commerce

Canna Biz Funds

We offer payment processing and a variety of funding options for businesses in the hemp and cannabis industry from bridge loans, to merchant cash advances, to equipment financing, and beyond. Give us a call today to see what we can do for your business..

Phone: 720.722.3263


NOT the new kid on the block!! Serving Merchant’s since 1992.
With almost 30 years’ experience in the payment processing industry, CannaGroup LLC provides high risk merchant accounts for ALL businesses types. Whether you’ve been terminated, recently declined, operate a high-risk business, or have credit issues, let our High-Risk experts get your merchant account approved today!
You’ll be able to open a high-risk merchant account and process credit card payments a mere 48 hours after our staff approves your application.
We know how critical it is for businesses, especially those classified as high risk, to accept credit card payments from their customers.
Domestic Payment Processing Solutions for the Hardest to Place Merchants
We Are a Full-Service Provider
We do everything we can to stay ahead of our competitors, including offering the most aggressive pricing, the best
services, and the best support and customer experience in the business. Our merchants are our top priority. Our highrisk merchant accounts are our primary focus and handled with the highest respect and care that we’re known for.
Below are just a few of the business types we currently support domestically, meaning your merchants will receive 24-
48-hour funding, just like a low-risk account.
Adult – All types
Credit Repair
Collection Agencies
Cigars & Pipe Tobacco Online
Debt Consolidation
Electronic Cigarettes
E-Books & Software
Firearms – Online
High Ticket & High Volume
MLM & Bizops
Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
Penny Auctions
Ticket Brokers – Online Tickets
Travel & Timeshare
Don’t see your Business Type mentioned?
We specialize in CBD and MMJ related solutions.


CannaHealth is an education resource for medical marijuana patients and CBD users. We focus on summarizing and presenting new medical research related to cannabis in an easy-to-understand way, so our readers can stay up-to-date on the latest and most important information. The CannaHealth writing staff has earned, collectively: a Doctor of Pharmacy, a Masters of Journalism, and a Masters of Science in Microbiology, among others.

Cannopy Corporation

Cannopy is an international corporation with locations in both the U.S. (5 states) and Columbia, South America. We have spent the past 10 years developing an unmatched portfolio of technology focusing on the natural products industry, specifically, cannabis and its constituent parts, both bio-active and inert. Our whole hemp industrial scale processing headquarters located in Southeastern Colorado is capable of seed cleaning, milling, classification, pelletizing, cold oils, hemp hearts and cannabinoid extraction. We also design, produce and standardize highly refined derivative products of cannabis and industrial hemp.

Our specialization in pharmaceuticals and bio-sciences has given us a developmental pathway across a host of disciplines, including precision agriculture, genetic data-banking and modification, phyto-chemical separations/isolations, clinical development of natural products, industrial processing and chemical engineering. We offer complete industrial extraction and isolation services catering to a host of applications and markets.


Canoo Holdings

We are a vertically integrated CBD investment business with grow, extraction, fulfillment, production and retail brand investments.

Reid Stewart

NHA Discounts: 10% on CBD oil and isolate

Cascade Nectars, LLC

We are a small homegrown business located in Oregon, along the Mt. Hood corridor.
What started out as a personal journey on the path to find a more natural way to ease our chronic pain, has resulted in the birth of a dream to share this remarkable wonder of nature, that we are now just beginning to appreciate and understand.
Join us on this amazing adventure and see and taste for yourself!

Eric Cohen

CBD Creams for Pain LLC

CBD Creams For Pain LLC was formed in 2018 by a small group of people that have all been touched by CBD in a personal way.
Using CBD by trial and error to solve there own personal problems, this small group has gained a huge knowledge base for CBD products.
We are excited to start promoting products that we Know work to help with your own issues.

The CBDistillery

The CBDistillery™ was founded by a group of Colorado natives with a strong belief that people have a right to the highest quality, fairly priced hemp derived CBD. We aim to provide more than just exceptional products and service, we are on a mission to provide hemp derived CBD to all through the #CBDMOVEMENT, by providing access to education, research and testimonials.

The CBDistillery, LLC
303 S Broadway Ste 200-384
Denver, CO 80209

CBD Infusionz

CBD Infusionz offers the highest quality Hemp CBD “Infuzed” edibles, tinctures, capsules, CBD Vapor and pet products, . Our products contain all natural locally sourced hemp to create our line of beautiful products. Packaged in child resistant packaging and offered in all US States, these products are highly sought after by Consumers. Low order minimums, superb pricing and fast responsive customer service make CBD Infusionz a wonderful addition to your offerings. We offer wholesale Clients private label, contract manufacturing and on-demand shipping fulfillment services.

CBD Pure

CBDPure products are made with certified organic hemp grown in Colorado and are 100% free of any synthetic or artificial ingredients. We test every batch of product that we make to ensure that it meets the purity standards that we demand.

Use coupon code NHA20 for 20% off any CBD oil or softgel order

CJ Montgomery
(800) 240-9884

Clone Connect

Clone Connect is a consultant group that offers digital marketing, lead generation, and salesforce services along with leveraging our vetted network of licensed cultivators, distributors, retailers and manufacturers. Whether you are looking to buy or sell hemp (seeds, clones, biomass, isolate, distillate), our goal is connect you with those professionals that are best suited to meet your business’ unique needs.

Our business thrives on building relationships with professionals. Working with various farms and companies for 3 years, Clone Connect takes pride in partnering with only the best because our brand is built on trust, quality and doing the right thing.

Buyers: Let us know your ordering needs. After vetting over 60, we have hand picked 5 hemp farms that offer a wide variety of strains ranging from 20-23% CBD with bulk inventory available.

Sellers: Tell us your unique challenges of getting in front of your target customers, and we’ll bring them to you. We’ve been in the digital marketing industry for 10 years.

Please contact us at or call us at 610-585-3519. Let’s Connect.


Colorado Pure Hemp Distributors LLC is a Las Vegas based company involved in distribution of Colorado Pure Hemp Cigarettes (Non Tobacco), CanaBLU CBD Water and Colorado Pure Hemp Gummies.
Phone Number:409 241 9751


Cured Nutrition

Founded in 2017 by two friends who met in CU-Boulder’s engineering school, Cured Nutrition is on a mission to make the benefits of cannabis accessible to all. After working in corporate engineering roles for a several years the founders caught the entrepreneurial bug. They felt inspired by cannabinoids ability to affect the well being of people from all walks of life and decided to take a chance and dedicate their time and energy to bringing first of their kind products to the masses.

Cured™ is a group of athletes, dreamers and healers. We’ve created the best and most unique hemp products out there so that you can enjoy the balance gained by incorporating these extracts into your daily life. Microdose all day long with our CBD infused spices, take the ready to eat cookie dough with you for an anytime nutrient packed snack, or go for the classic hemp extracts through our tinctures and gel caps. Stay healthy without getting high from products made from the cleanest, highest quality Colorado-grown organic hemp.

Daily CBD

Daily CBD is an international CBD news and review site with a goal of providing clarity to the CBD market, which is rampant with poor quality products and misinformation. Through expert product reviews, medically cited guides, and informational videos, you’ll leave Daily CBD a more informed consumer.

Diamond Shine

Diamond Shine started in 2018 as a social enterprise organization that is set out to heal the soul. Through our journey, we have worked with individuals with conditions including medical, developmental disabilities, mental health disabilities and anyone who needs some love and support through their journey alike. The time has come to have a company with integrity to the fullest. When you come in, we want to guarantee you that we will be here to listen and support all your goals. Our team of professionals are here without judgement and here with love to keep you healthy emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally.

Drammatic Organic Fertilizers

Manufacturer of liquid organic fertilizer blends made from high quality fish hydrolysate. We use a low temperature extended digestion process to maintain amino acid content and provide the grower with a balanced all purpose fertilizer. High levels of available phosphorus and calcium. Our environmentally friendly process uses only wild fish scrap that would otherwise be sent to landfills or wastewater treatment plants.

Casey Schoenberger
Dramm Corporation
(360) 333-4044

Eagle Ridge Extractions

Eagle Ridge Extractions – We are a high-capacity extractor of CBD oil, using a proprietary technology that allows us to process 10,000 pounds per day. This, coupled with our post-refinement partner, allows us to be leaders in both winterized oil and isolet production. Contact for hemp biomass and wholesale CBD inquiries

• Main telephone:720-238-4105


easyCBD™ is a Colorado based CBD company, focused primarily on Consumer Products. Founded in 2015, with the notion that everyone should have access to the cannabis plant, we have built our business around high quality, easy to use hemp infused products, offered at a fair price. Looking for shelf ready CBD Tinctures or Topicals? We offer great deals on all our wholesale and white labeled products. As well as discounts on raw CBD Oil and Isolate. We can also help with New Product Development, Oil Remediation, and New Business Consultations. Nationwide.

when life gets hard… easyCBD™
phone: 1(855) I-USE-CBD
social media: @easycbd @easy_cbd #easycbd


Colorado-based Elixinol LLC is a division of Elixinol Global which is traded on the Australian Stock Exchange under the ticker EXL. Founded in 1991, Elixinol is widely regarded as one of the most influential cannabidiol (CBD) brands in the world. With a proven track record of growing and manufacturing high-quality hemp products, Elixinol also conducts rigorous laboratory testing and quality control. A global leader, Elixinol LLC distributes hemp CBD products in 40 countries including United States, Japan, Puerto Rico, Brazil and throughout Europe.

• Main telephone: 844-804-3504
• Email:

Emerald Risk Solutions

Emerald Risk Solutions provides specific and tailored coverage including outdoor crop insurance, stock throughput and product recall. These risks and more can be potentially covered with captive insurance.

Customized Coverages to suit your risk
Outdoor Crop for Hemp — seed to sale
Stock Throughput
Product Recall Expense
Regulatory Change Expense
Business Interruption
Commercial Property Risk
Cyber Liability
Administrative or Regulatory Actions Defense Costs
Drone – Aerial Insurance
Environmental Impairment Liability
Crime and Employee Dishonesty Legal Expense
Regulatory Investigation Legal Expense

A Captive is an insurance company that makes risk management profitable.

Emerald Risk Solutions
o: 833-420-0020 m: 312-618-7200

Eurofins USA, Inc.

Eurofins Scientific was founded in 1987 with only 4 employees. Today the Eurofins Group is a leading provider of analytical services with an international network of more than 400 laboratories across 44 countries in Europe, North and South America and Asia-Pacific. There are over 35,000 staff, a portfolio of over 150,000 analytical methods, and more than 360 million tests performed each year!

Eurofins BioDiagnostics offers a wide variety of testing services to support hemp industry members with the goal of helping them produce the best hemp products possible. With a combination of high quality results, excellent service, and consistent test result turnaround times, we provide a personalized experience for customers at a competitive price.

Eurofins BioDiagnostics features industry-leading infrastructure & technologies to ensure our results exceed your quality standards:
• Expert staff with decades of method development & analytical experience
• Capabilities to individually evaluate each product & ensure testing accuracy
• ISO 17025 by A2LA & GLP certified testing facility

Every Day Optimal

Every Day Optimal CBD was founded with one mission in mind; to help as many people as possible. Our products are manufactured in the USA and sourced from local hemp farmers who practice clean, natural and organic farming techniques. While we focus on creating the highest quality CBD products possible, we also take great pride in our customer service and always have staff available to answer any question or concerns our customers may have. We have a full line of CBD products including tinctures, e-liquids, pet oils, capsules, gum and even specialty formulas with added vitamins.
We cater to both consumers and retail locations and can be found in store across the US. If you have any questions or inquires don’t hesitate to reach out to us a!

Contact Info:
Every Day Optimal LLC
53 Asheland Avenue, Suite 103
Asheville, NC 28801

Flame Engeneering, Inc.

In the mid 1950’s, Ralph C. Pivonka and his son, Mike, designed a propane torch for burning weeds and brush on their Kansas family farm. As word spread about their flaming equipment, Ralph and Mike found themselves building more and more torches to satisfy a growing local demand. The Pivonka’s soon out grew their farm workshop and went into full production establishing the company known as Flame Engineering, Inc., which now has expanded into national and international markets with the popular Red Dragon product line. Flame Engineering is the leading manufacturer of sustainable/natural hand held & Agricultural propane powered weed control equipment. All products are made in the USA. Flame is also a member of the Organic Trade Association.

Primary Contact:
Darren Viegra, Agriculture Specialist
Flame Engineering, Inc.
PO Box 577
230 West Highway 4
La Crosse, KS 67548
Office: 800-255-2469
Cell: 785-650-3116

Fax: 785-222-3619

Focus Hemp Co

At Focus Hemp Co we pride ourselves on providing our consumers with individually designed products targeted to enhance their daily lives. We are affordable, quality driven, and lab tested. Through handpicked organic sourcing and advanced extraction processes, we work to deliver all of the naturally occurring ben¬efits of the hemp plant. We thrive on innovation and producing highly effective products that we proudly stand behind.

Focus Hemp Co also offers extraction and white labeling services to compliment the hard efforts invested into your hemp harvest. With our state-of-the-art facility and industry leading equipment we will extract your raw materials and return to you a variety of products ranging from bulk high-quality concentrated oil, to finished products that are packaged, tested and ready for global distribution. You focus on growing the highest quality hemp and let us focus on growing your bottom line!
Contact information:
Instagram @ FocusHempCo & @FocusHempExtraction

Frontline Processing

Domestic Cannabis Payment Processing solution with free Checking, Business debit card and operational funding to grow your business!

We are pleased to offer you a complete US based payment processing solution and business banking relationship for all your cash management needs through

Domestic Payment Processing is Safe, Secure and FDIC Insured. Enjoy fast deposits, US based Customer Service, and peace-of-mind. Web base e-Commerce, Mobile and Counter-top payment processing solutions. Transparent pricing and intuitive cash management services. is Powered by Frontline Processing Corporation. Founded in 1997. An A+ rated payment processor. Registered VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Cards. Member of NHA, BBB A+

Visit, send an Email or call 866-651-3968

Global Cannabinoids

Our mission at Global Cannabinoids is simple: Deliver the highest quality industrial hemp-derived phytocannabinoids as quickly as possible to our customers. In order to accomplish this, we have partnered with the BEST of the BEST in each vertical within our industry. We are NOT brokers, nor do we work with them. We are the only bulk & wholesale global hemp CBD supplier that is strictly B2B.

Go Farm Hemp

Go Farm Hemp is an heirloom, high cbd, hemp genetics seed company. Our RN13 seed is AOSA certified for hemp genetics, seed germination and is Farm Bill compliant. Many states will require seed to sale monitoring so start your farming project on the right track by buying nationally certified high CBD hemp seeds. COA’s and AOSA certificates provided.
We Guarantee or seed!

We Guarantee or seed!
5% discount to members

Go Pure Labs

At Go Pure Labs, our mission is to offer consumers high-quality nutritional supplements to improve your health and help you achieve your optimal potential. Combining the best of nature and science, our spectrum of products are geared towards promoting healthy nutrition and holistic lifestyles.

Our products use natural ingredients to help you achieve the energy, vitality and longevity you desire. Our staff takes pride in providing our customers with quality information, and providing wellness education for an optimal healthy lifestyle. We wish you happiness and wellness.

Golden Eagle Partners

Founder of Golden Eagle Partners, a leading boutique investment bank serving North American and international public and private companies, venture firms, family offices, sophisticated investors and entrepreneurs in the cannabis (MJ and hemp) sector.

We are one of few advisors servicing the cannabis sector that has expertise gained from the Life science industry and are uniquely qualified by having operational experience in both sectors.

Green Classic CBD

Green Classic is an online store and lifestyle brand dedicated to bringing consumers the most trusted and responsible Hemp-Derived CBD (Cannabidiol) brands and products together in one place.”

Phone: 1-866-344-4223
Social Media: @greenclassiccbd

Green Hemp Farms

Currently Green Hemp Farms has CO2 Extraction and distillation facility in Delta, Colorado. Plans are under way to install another Alcohol Extraction Unit in Louisville, Kentucky, a 60,000 SF facility in La Junta, CO and 300 Acre outdoor farm in Kentucky followed by an 222 Acre Outdoor Farm in Alberta, Virginia.

GGSGreenhouse Growing System

Alex Seleznov
Hemp grower, wholesaler, and input and solution provider for the hemp farming community

Green Lynx Farms

Green Lynx Farms is a small, organic farm located near Mancos, Colorado. In early 2017, two brothers with a single tractor started growing industrial hemp for Cannabidiol oil extraction on just four acres of land. Since then, those brothers, along with two new partners and the help of many others, have built a resplendent greenhouse facility with 13,800 square feet of fully-automated, climate-controlled grow space.

Green Lynx Farms, LLC
37775 Highway 160
Mancos CO 81328

Grower’s Supply

Growers Supply was founded in 1979 with the purpose of bringing the highest-quality products at the most competitive prices with exceptional customer service directly to the horticultural industry. In recent years, Growers Supply has been providing the hemp industry with over 30,000 growing products with the mission to help hemp operations better manage their business. With GrowSpan greenhouse structure, nutrients, media, growing systems and thousands of other horticultural products, Growers Supply truly is a one-stop shop. The company employs experienced growers that can provide expert consultation to not only produce superior crops, but to also improve your business from top to bottom. Growers Supply’s corporate headquarters is located in South Windsor, Conn. and their manufacturing and distribution center is in Dyersville, Iowa.


Halo Laboratories

HealthWorx CBD

A Better Way to Good Health™ Not just a catchy slogan but a way of life. What started out as a passion to simply feel better turned into a mission to bring the best CBD products to the world. Our idea was to create a Company and Culture that matched who we are as people – fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters. Members of the community that we call Humankind with the sole focus to bring more good health and balance to the world.

We are a Colorado-based company focused on bringing the highest quality CBD oil with naturally occurring antioxidants and neuroprotectant rich hemp oil to a demanding market and sell them at honest prices. Made with love in Colorado our business model is rooted in a simple belief – our customers deserve the best and shouldn’t have to pay too much for it.

Hemp Authority LogoHemp Authority
Your one stop shop for everything hemp!
Jesse Clymer

Hemp Commodity Industries
Hemp Commodity Industries is an industrial hemp supplier, founded by scientists and business professionals dedicated to advancing hemp as a leading industrial commodity. HCI is a vertical company, we cultivate, refine and process industrial hemp, to deliver leading CBD retail products.

As scientists, we understand the inherent strengths of the plant and its superiority over traditional products. As business professionals, we are motivated by the value those strengths bring to the products we use every day as consumers.

HCI has a national focus on growing hemp crops, launching in Maine, Maryland, Michigan, and South Carolina. As leading advocates for hemp adoption, HCI is also serving as a broker and distributor in partnership with large and small hemp producers. HCI is thoroughly invested in the hemp industry, we envision hemp products dramatically improving peoples lives globally, touching every aspect of modern life from improving the environment to health and wellness, to nutrition and industrial uses. The future of hemp is limitless

Marc Normandeau
Worlds Largest CBD Health and Skin Care Company.


HEMP.PRESS is the premier leader in sustainable packaging & printing, as the first and only exclusively hemp paper print shop in the United States. With every business card, brochure, poster, flyer and box, printing on hemp paper gives your business the opportunity to reflect the values of the hemp community and directly support the growth of America’s hemp industry.

We are proud to join the ranks of the National Hemp Association, and are happy to offer a 20% discount to all our fellow NHA Members on business cards and other select printing services.



Everything hemp. With thousands of products made from hemp and many different companies to choose from we’ve made it easier for you. We’ve got all the best hemp made products from all the best companies all in one place. Paper, clothing, personal products, pet products and more, we have it all. Don’t waist your time searching the web for all the different hemp products you want or need come to us and get them all in one place.

Dan Forte – Owner 615-918-9343
Casey Forte – Super Cool Side Kick 615-425-9603
Tipsy Goat Creek
Brush Creek, TN 38547

Hemp Seed Warehouse

Hemp Seed Warehouse is the premium location to find the purest genetics of European hemp seed strains that can be used in a variety of climates and soils, and for a range of purposes, including: pulp & paper, construction materials, bio-composites, textile fiber, food & feed and pharmaceuticals.

Hidden River Hemp
We are Producers as well as brokers of Maine Hemp Bio-mass, CBD oil and CBD Flower. All of our hemp products are derived from organically grown, non-GMO genetics that have been tested by 3rd party laboratories.
We are a vertically integrated seed to sale farm. We utilize only the safest and purest extraction methods to offer a truly superior product.

Three years ago we decided to scale down our THC cannabis cultivation and begin the transition to CBD hemp genetics, along the way we have partnered with and met some wonderful people, but it was not always an easy road. Now with the appropriate funding and global cannabis connections and the ability to help others getting into the industry we have achieved the financial ability to seek out other farmers and help them on their journey. The Maine Hemp Alliance, is committed connecting farmers interested in producing hemp, with those who currently do . Providing farm conversation funding, equipment funding, training and education and a network for sale, distribution, hemp futures and much more. Contact us today and find out more about our mission to use hemp to utilize the hemp industry to revitalize Maine agriculture, and introduce Maine Organic CBD to the world.

Business email :

Telephone Number : 207-776-HEMP
Toll Free: 1 (877) 554-HEMP

National Hemp Association Members will receive preferential pricing over non members in the negotiations of CBD oils, CBD flower, and Hemp Biomass.

National Hemp Association Members, who can provide adequate proof of funding, will receive discounts of up to 20% off on Hemp Futures.

Hoban & Feola, LLC
Robert Hoban
Hoban & Feola represents many of the nation’s largest hemp producers, suppliers, and product manufacturers.


The first direct selling company to offer consumers an opportunity to sell Superior CBD Products and earn up to 46% commission.  All Illuminent CBD Products are American grown and harvested, third party lab tested, manufactured in a state-of-the-art ISO-Certified Lab, and legal in all 50 states!  Elevate Mind & Body with Illuminent CBD.

(949) 325-9240

Innovative Environmental Companies

IEC Thermo HEMP dryers combine established drying and processing techniques into a unique attrition flash drying process that keeps cannabinoid molecules intact and undamaged, providing a timely and cost-effective means of stabilizing your valuable harvest before mold, mildew or composting can occur, allowing for future processing at a pace you determine.

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Protection of your cultivars with low temperature operations
  • Reduces material size to match your extraction and processing requirements
  • Significant reduction in labor and square footage requirements
  • Flexibility of modular drying systems to meet current demand and future growth
  • Easily operated and maintained

Industrial Hemp Farms

IHF LLC (Industrial Hemp Farms) is a Colorado-based hemp wholesale and hemp farming business. Our primary focus is selling high CBD hemp biomass flower, hemp clones, seeds, and CBD extraction. IHF LLC owns commercial CBD hemp farms and produces large-scale hemp clones with quality genetics in the Colorado area. IHF LLC is looking to drastically expand its hemp farming operations, as well as hemp clones and seeds production capacity. The company is aggressively expanding into the hemp industry.

Apart from CBD hemp farming and wholesale B2B, IHF LLC also produces and wholesales CBD products. IHF owns an CBD extraction lab in Colorado from where it produces CBD crude oil, distillate, isolate and other bulk refined cannabinoids such as CBN.

IHF LLC is involved in everything CBD and hemp. The executives at the company are hungry for aggressive growth and advancement within the hemp industry. IHF LLC believes in making contacts, connections and JV’s in the industry. The company also believes in making deals with wholesalers and producers to further their own growth with strategic partnerships. If you a hemp farming company, investor, CBD hemp wholesale distributor or another interested party, please reach out to IHF LLC to learn more about how we can do business together. We openly encourage touring at our facilities, to build confidence and trust with our potential clients.

Innovative Separations LLC

We are a CBD oil manufacturer who passionately and naturally grow our hemp in Southern Oregon overseeing all processes from seed to growth to extracting and processing with the goal to professionally promote the use of our product to consumers who wish to relieve physical and mental stress naturally.

Julia Atkinson, Manager
(800) 787-0018

Integrated CBD

Integrated CBD offers institutional supply chain to the CBD industry

JPF Venture Group, Inc.

JPF Venture Group is a private investment and entrepreneurial firm. We invest in companies that can demonstrate sound strategies and plans for expanding or growing a business. We focus on businesses that meet our criteria and are primed for rapid expansion.

717-715-0238 (Office)

Lab Naturals PCR

LabNaturals PCR was founded by holistic clinical Pharmacist Susan Merenstein in January of 2017.

Susan Merenstein, BSPharm, RPh. has over 37 years of holistic clinical pharmacy experience and has always prided herself on being open to new and innovative ways to help her clients, both people and pets, lead healthier lives. She has developed LabNaturals PCR Plant Oils, a line of client and pet friendly, easy-to-use, low cost CBD products including Oils, Pain Balms, Capsules, Gum, and Water!

LabNaturals PCR Broad Spectrum Plant Oil products are rich in CBD and contain no detectable THC, heavy metals, pesticides, or residual solvents. Each product is independently tested to prove the products’ potency, purity, and consistency. Certificates of Analysis are readily available.

At LabNaturals PCR we take a holistic approach to CBD supplementation by gathering the appropriate information from each of our clients to make individualized serving suggestions. We check medication interactions, conditions being supplemented, and encourage practitioner engagement. Our dedication to client wellness makes routine follow-ups an integral part of the client experience at LabNataurals PCR.

LabNaturals PCR Products are available at Murray Avenue Apothecary, a Patient-Centered Compounding and Wellness Pharmacy Boutique in Pittsburgh, PA. 


LAURELCREST is proud to be a family owned and operated business that is invested in every step of the CBD process. We offer high quality bulk CBD Full & Broad Spectrum Oil, Distillate, Isolate & CBG isolate; with consistent supply, communication & transparency.

Our story begins in 2013 with our investment in Pharma Hemp, a Slovenian company which has grown into a major force in the European CBD market. Our European market experience led to the establishment of a US based wholesale bulk cannabinoid manufacturing and distribution business. If you have a retail CBD product, LAURELCREST has the bulk CBD input to fit your needs. 206-922-3634

Lockton Companies

Lockton is a global commercial insurance broker, committed to providing insurance and risk management services to the burgeoning hemp industry. From crop insurance to securing the finished product, we’re here to support and protect the industry from seed to sale.

Meristem Farms

We are a Vermont-based provider of high-CBD hemp seeds and clones as well as cultivation advisory services. Check out our website for more details or reach out to us directly.

From our 13,000-sqft indoor facility in Morrisville, Vermont, we supply farmers with growing stock; hemp seeds and clones, bred from acclaimed pedigrees, attuned to regional growing conditions, and supported by remote, data-driven advisory services to deliver superior crop efficiency and yields.

Mother Nature Naturals

Mother Natures is a Veteran owned Nevada corporation whose purpose, and goals, are to help the 400,000 veterans suffering from PTSD. We also reach out to Police, fire fighters, battered women, rape victims, terrorism victims and abused kids who suffer from this traumatic mental health issue. We supply top quality products at affordable prices so people can afford a product that helps without the side effects of drugs. Our products are non GMO, organic and full spectrum. We also have a non profit established for paying for PTSD treatments for people who cannot afford them and donate 10% of profits to that non profit

Mother Earth Reverence Farms & Ministries (Featuring KaratPay)

Mother Earth Reverence Farms & Ministries is called to provide ‘model prototypes’ of hemp-based, zero waste/zero debt, intentionally sustainable and self-reliant circles of peoples, who have come together as ‘creative covenantal beloved communities’!

Six pillars of Green Pastures AgriVillages directs & features all activities:
1. Safe Sanctuary
2. Adequate Clothing
3. Nutri-Nourishment
4. Reliable Transportation
5. Global Communication
6. Independent & Global Financial Wealth Legacy Systems for Media of Exchange


Agrihoods Global

Mr. Hemp Flower

About Us:

At we believe in hemp. The cannabis plant has been used for centuries for healing, meditation, relaxation and more. It’s our mission to spread this message and give hemp a new reputation!

We work directly with licensed USA Farmers and manufacture our own products.
Our farmers have years of experience farming and cultivating CBD rich plants. Many of them have been in the growing business for 10+ years and created some amazing strains. We purchase hemp and hemp flower directly from highly vetted farmers in mass quantities use the CBD rich hemp to make our products.

Phone Number:
Email Support:


Mueller is a public accounting and wealth management firm in Chicago. Mueller provides business startup assistance, tax planning and strategy, outsourced accounting and CFO advisory services, assurance and financial reporting, retirement and investment planning, and more to a wide range of clients in various industries including the cannabis and hemp industries. Mueller believes that by providing excellent service with measureable results we build long lasting relationships and create the most value for our clients.


Taylor Schuck


My Natural CBD

At My Natural CBD, we are committed to bringing our customers the highest grade organic CBD products available, so that they can enjoy all the natural benefits of hemp, worry-free.

In a market that is muddled with products, we bring you organic, USA made CBD products, from our lab that is a certified Good Manufacturing Practice along with Good Labor Practice which you can trust. Unlike many CBD products, My Natural CBD adheres to the highest testing and quality control standards to ensure goodness and purity every time- from our delicious gummies, to our versatile tincture, and everything in between

NanoCraft CBD

NanoCraft’s mission is to be an industry leader by bringing top quality hemp derived cannabidiol (CBD) products to the sports, health and fitness marketplaces. We are also dedicated to educating consumers on the tremendous health benefits of hemp CBD.

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National Hemp Exchange

National Hemp Exchange is a vertically integrated hemp-growing, THC and pesticide testing, CBD oil processing, and marketing company specialized in the buying and selling of hemp flowers, seeds, stalks, juice, CBD oil and isolate.

Located throughout the San Luis Valley, in Monte Vista, La Jara and Alamosa, Colorado, National Hemp Exchange focuses on providing markets for all hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) raw materials containing less than 0.3% THC (the psychoactive ingredient contained in marijuana). CBD oil extracted from hemp is used to treat various medical conditions and is generically referred to as CBD distillate. Biproducts manufactured from National Hemp Exchange-sourced seeds, flowers, stalks, CBD oil and isolate can be marketed in all 50 states due to the fact that all raw materials are under the 0.3% THC threshold and is classified as True Hemp™ and not marijuana.

If you are a farmer harvesting hemp, a producer of hemp CBD products, or any company needing to buy, sell, or source any of National Hemp Exchange’s True Hemp™ raw materials or bi-products, National Hemp Exchange will find or provide a market to suit your particular needs in a timely manner.


Natures Botanicals

Our company is wholesalers of CBD Full Spectrum Crude Oil. We also offer consultation and support for CBD hemp growers, who use natural growing practices for their crops.


Nature’s Remedy LLC

Nature’s Remedy was founded in 2016 by Chris Babinec, a 100% disabled Marine veteran from Jacksonville, North Carolina. Chris’ goal is to bring the highest quality cannabidiol (CBD) products to fellow service members, patients and their family members in need of relief of symptoms ranging from anxiety and PTSD to pain and inflammation. As a disabled veteran, Chris knows what a serviceman feels like after coming home from a tour of duty or after completing his service contract. He understands the stress, anxiety and pressure that is placed upon them first hand. This is why he has committed his life after the military to help veterans find a healthier stress free solution to life outside and and away from the military. CBD has physically, mentally and spiritually altered the lives of those he cares about in a profound way. Now he wishes to teach awareness and help others to come to terms with the benefits of CBD.

Our partners at Creating Better Days out of Sunrise, Florida, have been in operation since 2014 and supply Nature’s Remedy with high-quality, 100% THC-Free, Nano-Emulsified organic hemp-derived CBD products. We currently sell our wide range of products including sublingual tinctures, vape formulations, pain creams, topical lotions, concentrates, edibles, capsules and pet treats to individuals, physicians and their patients, vape shops, veterinarian clinics and natural food stores. If you have any questions or inquiries pertaining to our products or how they should be used. Feel free to contact us and we will do the best answer your questions.



NBS AGTECH LLC is a genetics seed breeding company focusing on nationally compliant high CBD industrial hemp seeds.

We have SEEDS AVAILABLE FOR SALE TODAY. We are also looking today for farmers that want to enter into farm share contracts to propagate seeds and be NBS distributors for the future.

We have it all, from mixed seeds to feminized seeds along with the ability to provide starts and clones as needed for our customers. Our cultivars are offered in specific chosen varieties to support farmers with different experience, such as, small plants such as Ultra CK18 (6 oz – 1LB – 60 day auto flower), Mojave Cherry Wine (1LB – 2LB) to Colossal Cherry Kandy (6LB – 10LB giants). For more info, visit

NBS is a Las Vegas based company with distribution in Oregon, California, Oklahoma and Nevada. Our company is comprised of a group of seasoned entrepreneurs, engineers, growers, farmers and technologist. The diverse NBS team members aim to push the technology limits across all aspects of the industrial hemp sector

Farm Share contracts and distributors wanted, please inquire. Let’s get started early in 2019. With proper planning using our Auto Flower Ultra CK18, you may even be able to get two crops in certain areas of the country.

Place your order today. For more information and sales inquiries on seeds, starts, clones or high quality distillates, please email or call us today.
5% off seed orders

Nuleaf Naturals

We are an enthusiastic Colorado-based team dedicated to bringing our customers the highest grade of CBD (cannabidiol) oil and extracts on the market! We work hard in order to offer organically-grown, lab-tested, high-concentration wellness blends.

Founded in 2014 by a group of health conscious plant medicine aficionados, NuLeaf Naturals is one of America’s top pioneering hemp companies.

Our vision is to pave the way for a line of cannabinoid wellness products that promote a healthy body and mind. Our ultimate goal is to help people, and their loved ones, live a happier, healthier life.

NuLeaf Naturals
1550 Larimer Street
Suite 964
Denver, CO 80202
Contact: Jessica Parsley


With our strong foundation and vast influence in the transportation industry, in GOOD COMPANY and will to innovate.

We provide our clients and partners Nationally & World Wide a solid platform for excellent services and superior certified products, with INDUSTRIAL HEMP materials at our Core and sound values at Heart…

3081 Calawah Way
Forks, WA 98331
(360) 374-6126~o
(360) 461-6637~c
(509) 690-5228~f

Palmetto Harmony

Palmetto Harmony was created after a collection of parent’s with special children ran out of options using modern medicine. Palmetto Harmony strives to be the leading industry provider of all natural CBD products cultivated with organic practices. All of the Palmetto Harmony line of products are third party lab tested by an ISO certified lab for consistency and safety, no corner is cut or expense spared in the creation of our full spectrum CBD product line.

Peak Supply Co

Welcome to Peak Supply Co. Top notch products at the lowest costs on the internet for Organic Terpenes & Custom Vape Cartridges. Peak Supply Co offers one of the largest strain inventories and bulk terpene isolate selections for sale online. We release new strains every week making our company the one stop shop for your terpene needs. We take pride in bringing nothing but the best for our clients which is why we are THE ONLY company online with a product guarantee.

(818) 308-6227


Pharmco, a brand by Greenfield Global, is the leading choice for high purity pharmaceutical and analytical grade ethanol and solvents used in natural and herbal extractions. Our rigorous quality system, fully integrated into a dedicated manufacturing process, provides a chain of custody and quality control beginning from raw materials all the way to the finished product.

With our personalized customer service and an innovative e-commerce platform, we make it easy to buy direct from the source, with 12 nationwide warehouses spanning both coasts. We also carry a full portfolio of Organic and Non-Organic MCT Oils for finished good manufacturing.

Our easy to use E-Commerce Platform provides our customers the convenience to order material at the click of a button. Visit the site today at:

Phyto Therapeutic Healing Center

Phyto Therapeutic Healing Center is the combination of essential plant oils and somatic therapies. Sourcing Colorado’s finest Cannabinoid Infused oils, lotions, and skilled therapeutic touch to bring you pain relief, and euphoric relaxation.

Based in Aurora, Colorado, we provide you therapeutic touch from our treatment center. We also answer to calls, making relief and relaxation available to your home, hotel, or place of business.

Pure Hemp Botanicals

Compassion in Action – Through a Passion for Hemp
Pure Hemp Botanicals produces sustainable, plant-based, vegan, and cruelty free products. We seek to raise awareness and inspire others to adopt an attitude of compassion for people and the planet.

Receptra Naturals
Receptra Naturals is a family owned, Colorado hemp extract company that provides premium pure hemp extracts and topicals for the active lifestyle. While the current industry trend is largely focused on producing hemp extracts for people in a health crisis, we are one of the few companies also focused on developing products specially formulated for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Receptra is committed to educating the public about the many health benefits of hemp and encouraging our community to incorporate it into an overall healthier lifestyle.

Contact: Lane Radbill
Phone: 303-223-1663

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new-dog-logo-_cropped-1 RxCBD
Debbie Cokes
Hemp CBD Products for Pets & Their People (manufacturer)


Select CBD

Select CBD was born out of Oregon’s largest cannabis company — Cura Cannabis Solutions — which focuses on both recreational as well as medical uses of cannabis and hemp. Using naturally extracted essences paired with pure CBD oil, Select CBD products aim to find synergy between the healing power of plants and herbs, and the reported medicinal benefits of CBD. Currently available in California, Oregon and Nevada stores, Select CBD is now available to purchase online in any U.S. state with a legal medical cannabis program

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments is the leader in providing analytical instruments for the hemp industry. From seed to sale, from accurate hemp cannabinoid and terpene profiling to reliable, highly sensitive analysis of heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins/aflatoxins, residual solvents, and microorganisms, Shimadzu offers scalable solutions to meet your testing needs for today and tomorrow. Shimadzu not only provides the instrumentation but also the technical knowledge and support to help your hemp lab be successful, and can assist with method development, instrument training, and maintenance to ensure your systems operate at an exceptional level.

Bob Clifford:
Phone Number: 410-381-1227

Silver Shadow CBD

Silver Shadow Ventures, LLC has been manufacturing and selling Wholesale Hemp CBD since March 2015 (DBA: As one of the leading and oldest CBD manufacturers with over 20,000 sq feet of manufacturing clean rooms, 12,000 sq feet of Drop Shipping and Fulfillment we able to provide over 175 CBD specific products. We are FDA Registered, Insured and GMP.
Our goal is to develop leading formulations, high-quality, large-scale CBD Oil products for our customers in order to provide a definite competitive advantage in the Retail Market Your Trusted Partner for CBD Oil Manufacturing in the US

Smart CBD Shop

Smart CBD Shop was born to provide those, who believe in the healing powers of hemp, to have a trusted source for all of their hemp CBD product needs. Knowing that it could be hard to find reliable & trustworthy market place, we strive to have only products that are tested, researched, and reviewed by many sources. Our customer service is simply the best in the industry. Constant communication with all of our followers & customers is key. At Smart CBD Shop, you will only find the highest quality hemp products on the market.

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Soil Balance Pro

There is a balance in this life. We feel that our part of that balance is to care for our Earth in a conscious, considerate and nurturing way. The Soil Balance regenerative technology has been created for one very specific reason, to serve the stewards of our lands and plants. Soil Balance Pro is a tool which helps growers cultivate within the art of sustainability. By simply adding this comprehensive community of life to the soil and roots of plants, growing becomes more proactive and less reactive.

Soil Balance Pro gives growers improved plant and commodity health, yields and most important, exponentially high nutrient density and quality enhancement.
We believe that for our species to elevate and evolve, we must be aware of what we consume.Soil Balance Pro is a tool of change and one of hope for our environment by working with nature in place of trying to improve a sacred system. Kind Roots is dedicated to providing powerful natural products and service levels to all of our growers who work compassionately to create nutrient dense food and herbs. Our team of highly accredited world class microbiologists, plant pathologists, agronomic consultants and the growers using Soil Balance, all believe that the most advanced technology man can learn from, is nature. We believe that the time for balance is now. 


We believe everyone deserves peace in their life. At soothe we seek to inspire, cultivate creativity, and exploration with ultra-pure, legal and sustainable CBD sourced ethically in the United States. We hope to eliminate the stigma associated with the cannabis/hemp industry while also making positive impacts in the mental health and the opioid epidemic.

Soothe was created after a group of friends discovered the incredible benefits of CBD. We were shocked to find that CBD was not more well known or readily available, with all these amazing properties and we knew we had to share it with the world. So for over a year and several months we made it our mission to educate others and develop the highest quality, CBD formulations.

After sharing our products with others, not only did we find that our CBD allowed us to help with pain, stress, sleep and other amazing benefits. we found that the more people we helped, the more we learned about the challenges we were all facing.
We want every one of our products to be a symbol of everything we stand for, and we believe everyone deserves to find peace in their life. We hope you can join us by spreading understanding, peace and curiosity about your world and the things which inspire you.
We believe that the time for balance is now. 

Specialty Insurance Partners

Located in the state of the great green rush we can provide coverage for both the Cannabis and Hemp business markets. Just as the regulations for this industry are ever evolving and changing so does the insurance market place. As carriers pull out of the market and new carriers enter so do policy forms and endorsements. Do you really understand what you are and may not be actually covered for? Let us help you understand your policy and shop for the best coverage options for you.

Phone: 719-313-5600
Toll Free: 866-427-2443
Fax: 719-313-5700


Stellar CBD

Stellar CBD was started by two friends Jimmy and Andrew from new york that found something they were both passionate about and a product that could actually help people better their lives. They have friends and family that suffer from different problems and with the help of cbd they saw great results!
Our goal at Stellar Cbd is to give you the knowledge about hemp; what hemp really is, the benefits it has, and how it can help you and the world we live in today.
We strive to deliver the most superior products so you can live a healthier and better life.

Grown in USA
Our Hemp is grown and extracted under the Colorado State Department of Agriculture and grown in accordance with section 7606 of the 2014 and now 2018 us farm bill.
Jimmy and Andrew are also working with the New York State hemp grower research program. Through this program they will be able to grow hemp with close observation and research to create some of the highest percentage cbd products.

All natural
Our CBD oil is produced from non-GMO hemp.
Each batch is third-party lab tested and guaranteed to be free of contaminants.

Phone- 607-301-3889

T1 Payments

T1 Payments specializes in merchant account solutions for CBD vendors. Whether your business is brand new or your existing merchant account has suddenly been terminated, we can help. We have over two decades of expertise serving high-risk businesses and a full suite of payment processing services and solutions, including flat fee merchant accounts, customizable global payment solutions, and payment gateway services that integrate with over 175 different shopping carts. To find out more about T1 Payment’s services for high-risk online merchants please visit or call 866-518-2216.

Tree of Life Botanicals

The growing number of scientifically defended treatments using cannabinoids derived from hemp should inspire us all. The power of medicinal hemp to heal is among the host of medical breakthroughs we read about every day. We welcome you to “Get Your Life Back” with CBD oils derived from this ancient and wondrous plant! Who among us would not want to restore our wellbeing without the use of artificially produced and expensive pharmaceuticals? To ensure world class quality of CBD hemp oils, we own and control every phase of the production process from seed to sale. No outsourcing! We own the farms and employ the growers. We own the cultivations and supercritical CO2 extraction equipment operated by our technicians.

While others make claims about “biggest and best” or suggest a level of quality and purity, absent of evidence, we pledge the quality of Tree of Life Botanicals with third party test results available to all.
The power of medicinal hemp is gaining acceptance across the nation, not as an alternative medicine, but as a mainstream and revolutionary development. Restoring your health so that you can “Get Your Life Back” is our vision for you. Cheers to your good health and working together.

Tree of Life Botanicals
140W 29th St #311
Pueblo, CO 81001

True Leaf

Founded in 2013, True Leaf has two operating divisions: True Leaf Medicine Inc. and True Leaf Pet Inc.

Launched in July 2013 to become a licensed producer of medicinal cannabis. It has received approval to build its facilities from the Government of Canada. The company’s goal is to provide federally-approved, safe and effective cannabis products that will be sold across Canada.

Established in 2015 to pioneer and market hemp-focused products for the pet industry. The company launched the True Hemp™ product line in Canada, the USA and Europe; becoming the first hemp-based pet product line to be marketed worldwide.


‘Return the Love’ pays homage to the unconditional love that comes so freely from pets and also serves as the company’s overall mission to develop products that provide a better quality of life for people and pets.

Try the CBD

We are Colorado-based company focused on bringing highest quality cannabinoids with naturally occurring antioxidants and neuroprotectants rich hemp oil to the world. Independently lab tested for purity and concentration no other company has the quality and quantity of natural cannabinoids thats in our products for the same value. We created our products for the people who want the highest quality natural cannabinoids without the worry if they are getting the best quality and value for their money. Because our Hemp Extract Products are 100% Natural and derived from the Non-GMO Industrial Hemp plant they are legal for sale online and we are allowed by U.S. Federal law to conveniently ship them to your doorstep.
All of our products are Made in Colorado, Non-GMO, Vegan and Gluten Free.



UnCanna is a special operations Veteran owned and operated hemp phytocannabinoid (CBD) advocacy, education, and sales company operating out of Denver, Colorado. We are vertically integrated, from seed to sale, with true industry leaders, allowing us to provide the highest quality products on the market and remain a leading, trusted voice of advocacy in the Veteran community. We are actively fighting for Department of Defense use of natural alternatives with political pressure and community support.

Social media: @uncanna

Western States Hemp

Western States Hemp is a partnership of farmers with decades of farming experience in Nevada’s high desert. We aim to find, develop, and farm high quality hemp for a variety of uses, such CBD, food & milk, seed, textiles, and building materials. As a family owned, commercial scale farming operation, we work with businesses and manufacturers of products made with hemp.
We are an estate hemp farm, growing a multitude of varietals to meet industrial, retail, and medical grade needs.

Adrienne Snow


Witlon provides hemp farm project management services, as well as brokerage and reseller services to the hemp industry via its subsidiary company, WASO LLC.

Hemp Flower
Hemp Oil
hemp CBD Isolate
Hemp Seeds
Hemp Pellets
Hemp Hurds
Hemp Clones

Licensed and Farm Bill Compliant

Farm Management and Consulting

Windham Farms LLC
Windham Farms, LLC, is a state-registered hemp farm producing premium, organic, hemp seeds. Our growers have generations of farming experience to produce the finest seeds available!.


Zcanntab is a 5 mg sublingual tablet that is refining CBD delivery. This is the perfect solution for CBD users who are looking for an alternative to messy oils or those looking for something with higher bioavailability than is found in pills or capsules. This tablet is designed to provide all the benefits of industrial hemp without the psychotropic effects found in THC. The 5 mg Zcanntab is a hemp-based solution for wellness.

Contact us today:


Zodaka is Financial Technology company based in California. We have developed a universal payment gateway that allows merchants in non-traditional industries (such as CBD) to process electronic payments without the high fees and risk that come from using unreliable credit card workarounds. Payment processing for CBD companies is one of if not the biggest thing holding them back from operating business like normal. We believe our product will be extremely valuable to many of your clients and will greatly increase the value of your national network by enabling you to provide payment processing.

Sidney Hill




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