Today is the Day!!

Today the 2018 Farm Bill gets Signed into Law! Note from Chairman, Geoff Whaling Very early today, I received a phone call from the White House confirming that President Trump would be signing the Farm Bill, which contains the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 language, at a...

2018 Farm Bill

Hemp Legalization about to pass! The language that pertains to hemp is scattered through out the document. We will update this page with a summary of how it pertains to our industry. In the meantime a search of ‘hemp’ will take you to the relevant...

Hemp, Love and Marriage

Some Quaint Ceremonies Of Olden Days Regarding Hemp Let’s look at some quaint ceremonies involving hemp that were practiced in the old countries and brought to America. This first story was printed in 1856 and it relates to the practice of the sowing of hemp seeds to...
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