“Reports of hemp-based CBD medicine’s death have been greatly exaggerated.” Many legal experts are saying that the law regarding CBD and hemp has not changed. Read the article below.

A memo from Folium Legal Counsel echoes this widespread interpretation of the law and the lack of negative impacts on the industry since the filing took effect.

Previously, Marijuana Extracts were classified under the code number for “Marihuana. Under the new rule, extracts are now classified separately. The DEA uses these codes to track quantities of controlled substances imported to and exported from the United States. This new rule affects only DEA-registered entities who previously were required to track such materials. As the document states, “[t]he only direct effect to registrants who handle marihuana extracts will be the requirement to add the new drug code to their registrations.”

Full article here: https://cannabisnow.com/hemp-cbd-unaffected-dea-rescheduling-panic/