Dear Members,

The recent DEA regulatory ruling noticing a new code for cannabis extract has certainly caused a range of reaction within the Hemp industry; from predictions of an apocalypse to a pronunciation that it is safe to go back to work. Neither of which should be considered a bookend for the future.

Pending further clarification by the DEA, the NHA is optimistic this action will result in further clarification of the distinctions between Hemp and marijuana as cannabis derived plants, products, and byproducts. It is our expectation that this action will further emphasize the need for passage of separate and distinct legislation regarding the cultivation and commercialization of hemp as an agricultural crop. We will continue our work with the DEA, FDA and USDA, emphasizing the need to include highly qualified stakeholders and valuable industry input into how this emerging industry will go forward.

We believe that the administrative bodies that will be affected by and charged with implementation of this ruling will consider the good faith that has been extended to date from all sides to facilitate and protect the growth of the Hemp/ CBD industry. Likewise, NHA will continue to both encourage and support those legal efforts that will seek further clarification of the new rule and its practical implications for the industry.

As with our efforts to gain passage of the Industrial Hemp Farm Act and the inclusion of Amendment 7606 in the 2014 Farm Bill, NHA will continue to provide leadership within the Hemp industry. NHA members, sponsors, affiliates, volunteers and supporters can remain confident that we are actively supportive of their interests and activities within the Hemp industry.

John Finamore
Executive Director
National Hemp Association

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