NHA Affiliate Membership

Hemp Volunteers - National Hemp AssociationA National Hemp Association Affiliate Membership costs $150 per year (no monthly payment option). This level is most appropriate for city, county, state and regional hemp organization interested in establishing a formal Affiliate relationship with NHA. Please download the Affiliate Agreement to see the full list of rights and responsibilities of this membership level.
Benefits include:
  • List Affiliate on website with link to your website
  • Monthly news updates posted on the NHA website
  • Up to three events listed on our Master Calendar each month
  • Receive regular guidance from NHA staff
  • Access to marketing material templates
  • Discounted membership rates to your members who join NHA
  • Logistical support for educational programs and events in your location
  • Being part of the growing movement to bring hemp back to America.

Annual Membership ($150)

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