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Hemp for a Healthy Microbiome

Hemp has recently seen a resurgence with many US states allowing for Industrial Hemp cultivation. Industrial hemp had been banned back in the 1930’s and until recent times was really only grown and processed in Europe. This ban had to do with it’s relationship with...

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Geoff Whaling reflects on first year at NHA

It’s been one year since I was elected Chairman of the Association and there have been many accomplishments achieved, many as a direct result of the work and efforts of our supporters and membership. I would like to reflect on the last year, acknowledge our...

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Senate Farm Bill Passes with Hemp Farming Act Included!

Hemp just moved one step closer to federal legalization! The US Senate version of the 2018 Farm Bill (HR2) has just passed 86-11 WITH THE HEMP AMENDMENT INCLUDED! The next step is a conference to reconcile the Senate and House versions. Please contact your Senator and...

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Full commercial production of hemp will now be able to proceed unimpeded or restrained by the confines of a research program.

The Farm Bill passed yesterday in the Senate and today in the House of Representatives. All that is needed now is a signature and that will come soon.

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Only bad thing is that 'Turtle' man McConnell, now becomes the Hemp King of Kentucky. He used his position to put himself into this position, while enabling the man-child in the White House.

Hemp! Not Cannabis. Big difference, even though they are in the same plant group. Like hops are related too!

Hemp will be legal once Trump signs it and that's if he does before the 21st. It's not legal yet. I can't imagine he won't sign it though. This is crazy exciting!

Michael Hellman, Mike Bostick

If the mad king signs it. Don't count your hurds yet.

So could the average gardener grow hemp for seeds and oil? CBD? Just because?? Thats what i wanna know!

NHA can we talk in the next week. Thanksm v

It's not law yet.

Congratulations National Hemp Association! Thank you for all the years of work you have put into making this our reality!!! 🌱🙏❤️

Dana Meadows

Jordan Taaffe

Francis Nicoll Ramos Solivan

Maurice O'Keeffe

it will have the same regulations as growing tomatoes ~don't listen to the talking heads


Jordan Kreager this! yes!

Yasssssss finally! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙌🏻

republicans trying anything to get your mind off impeachment

Elizabeth M. Gonce

Hemp sounds like a wonderfully beneficial plant for building materials, durable clothing and more. 👍



This is a huge step!

The new Farm Bill *could* have protected hemp CBD explicitly, like an earlier version of the Therapeutic Hemp Act did. In other words, “our DSHEA.” Instead it explicitly exposes CBD and hemp food to FDCA and DSHEA regulations. Meaning only stalk is actually free from government control (monopoly), not quite yet seed and oil as food, or other hemp flower products like CBD. At least not until FDA accepts them as GRAS, or as ingredients existing before DSHEA (1994). After 12,000 years of continuous safe use around the world, that shouldn’t be hard.

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Hemp Education

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ~Nelson Mandela

Much work still needs to be done with the general public, farmers and our elected officials about the nutritional, industrial, environmental and medicinal benefits of hemp. As laws change, research is conducted and commercialization begins, sharing information will be vital to ensure the hemp industry thrives. NHA is committed to advancing this awareness and knowledge.

Hemp Legislation

NHA’s main priority is the passage of comprehensive hemp legislation on a federal level. We also are here to help individual states with their hemp legislation. Stay tuned for important updates of how you can help pass HR3550, The 2017 Industrial Hemp Act!

Hemp Business

Hemp has the potential to bring prosperity to many segments of our society. Not only will it be a new cash and rotational crop for farmers, the possibilities for manufacturing are virtuously endless. Not only can hemp make thousands of products, hemp can be used to makes thousands of products, better, stronger and more sustainable. Now is the time to start think about how hemp can be incorporated into your business plan. If you have an existing hemp business, an NHA business level membership is a great way to not only support our efforts but to promote your business tp thousands of hemp enthusiasts!



One of the biggest misconceptions is believing that industrial hemp is the same thing as marijuana.
The two plants are the same species, but are more like first cousins and NOT identical twins.

“Hemp Can Save The Planet!”

Jack Herer

Hemp is the most versatile plant on earth.
It can be used for food, medicine, biofuel, compostable plastics, building materials and more.
It is time for the full legalization of industrial hemp at the federal level.


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