Congratulations to NHA Chairman, Geoff Whaling, and all the advocates that fought to get a federal Right to Try law passed through the US House and Senate.

Right To Try allows terminally ill Americans to try medicines that have passed Phase 1 of the FDA approval process and remain in clinical trials but are not yet on pharmacy shelves. Right To Try expands access to potentially life-saving treatments years before patients would normally be able to access them.

While many states have passed Right to Try legislation, federal legislation is expected to be signed into law before the weekend, proving that every voice matters and groups of dedicated advocates can indeed make change.

Geoff took the opportunity to support Right to Try but also use it as a way to promote CBD as a supplement and not as an controlled substance or pharmaceutical requiring FDA approval, but as a supplement as it should be categorized

Here is the testimony provided in 2016:

Senator Ron Johnson letter
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