An extremely versatile plant, hemp has been used for a variety of purposes for thousands of years. Many are familiar with the use of hemp in clothing, rope, etc. but may be unaware of its surprisingly beneficial nutritional applications.

With the quick rise in popularity in CBD, many people may have overlooked the nutritional benefits of hemp. As a complete source of nutrition, small servings of hemp can have huge positive impact on your health. Whether you are looking to build muscle, gain weight, or simply live a healthier life, see why you should add hemp to your diet.

Heart Health
With heart disease as the leading cause of death in the United States, it’s no surprise people are making an extra effort to protect their most valuable organ. There are several reasons why incorporating hemp into your diet can reduce your chance for heart disease.
Hemp seeds are high in arginine, an amino acid that increases production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide has been proven to relax blood vessels, making heart disease less likely.

Complete Protein
Anyone looking to build or strengthen their muscles should consider supplementing their diet with hemp seeds. Just a quarter cup of hemp seeds contains 15 grams of protein with only 3 grams of fat.

Not only are hemp seeds a great natural source of protein, but they contain all 9 essential amino acids, which many meat based proteins do not have. The body cannot produce these essential amino acids so being able to find a protein source containing them all is a key to a complete diet.

Aids Digestion
Hemp seeds are a great source of fiber, a key nutrient for the digestive system Hemp contains both types of fiber, soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber aids the growth of the good bacteria in the stomach and has been linked with stabilizing cholesterol and blood sugar.
Insoluble fiber has a more direct effect on your digestive system, by passing food through quickly. When purchasing hemp seeds for the benefits of fiber, look for seeds that have not been de-hulled. Seeds that are de-hulled have had the shell removed and have lost the main source of dietary fiber.

Healthy Fats
Hemp contains important omega-3 fatty acids which are commonly found in fish and eggs. Omega-3 acids have numerous health benefits including better blood flow, boosting memory and reducing inflammation. There may also be evidence to link omega-3 fatty acids with decreases in anxiety and depression. For people looking to sustain a plant based diet while still getting the benefits of omega-3s, hemp seeds are a great option.

Weight Loss
One of the keys to healthy weight loss is being able to resist cravings by feeling full. Due to hemp seeds’ high fiber and protein content, they can naturally suppress appetites. Adding hemp seeds to a salad is a useful way to satisfy hunger while getting a complete array of nutrients.

Not only does hemp have an excellent source of nutritional profile, but it is so versatile in the kitchen. Blend it in a smoothie, add it to yogurt, or have it as a quick snack – the options are endless!

~Avery Bullock