CBD products are available in many forms including topicals, edibles capsules and various others. You can even add CBD to your salad dressing or enjoy a cup of CBD coffee or a glass of CBD wine. However, inhaling CBD via a vaporizer is a way of ingesting CBD that is becoming increasingly popular and that brings a number of benefits that make it superior to other methods. 

Rapid effect 

Those CBD salads and drinks sound fun, but the problem is that the CBD has to travel all the way through your digestive system before it starts to be absorbed by the bloodstream so that it can get to work interacting with your neural receptors. Passing through the gut and liver reduced bioavailability to as low as 15 percent.  

Inhaling the CBD as a vapor is far more effective, with bioavailability staying up around 60 percent. Also, and critically for those using CBD for pain relief, you’ll feel the effect much faster. If you have ever compared smoking cannabis with eating a cannabis brownie, the difference is similar. The former has an effect that is almost instant, while the latter creeps up on you more slowly. 

There are plenty of options  

Innovative brands like CCELL have transformed the market with new technology and dramatic designs.  CCELL uses high-quality components and ceramic heating elements to deliver a smoother flavor, all contained in a stylish and compact package. There’s a huge variety of vape pods, batteries, and CCELL cartridges to choose from these days. These are now designed as much for style as for functionality, so you can have a bit of fun choosing the vape pod that fits your mood. There are also plenty of variations in terms of the strength and the flavor of the CBD vape oil you use, so you can accurately manage your dosage.  

It is a guilt-free way of enjoying a vape 

 Many people enjoy vaping for the sake of vaping just as some enjoy smoking. A nicotine-free vape such as CBD provides a guilt-free way to enjoy your vape time in peace and tranquility. If you are in the habit of vaping other substances, such as nicotine or cannabis, a CBD vape can be a great way to wean yourself off them, or at least to reduce your consumption.  

 It is discreet on the go 

 Another useful consequence of those stylish vape pods you can get these days is that they are incredibly discreet. No huge billowing clouds here, in fact a CCELL style vape pod will slip into your pocket or purse, and can be almost as small as one of those USB sticks you put in your laptop. It’s also quick and hassle free to take a quick hit when you’re out and about – you don’t even have to go to the trouble of asking someone to get you a glass of water as you would with a capsule.   

Choose what’s right for you 

 Vaping isn’t for everyone, and if you are not a fan of inhaling vapors, or you have a condition like asthma, then there are plenty of other alternatives. But for many, it is a quick, efficient and discreet way to enjoy the wellness and therapeutic benefits of CBD.