The global hemp and cannabis seed market has been a staple in the industry for decades. However, with the rise of the U.S. market, international seed brands must innovate and adapt to keep up with the competition. Symple Seeds, the world’s largest hemp and cannabis seed shipping and logistics company, is an expert in global seed markets and what it takes to keep up in this growing but competitive industry. Global seed companies can stay relevant as the industry matures by keeping these five things in mind.

1. Pair Classic International Seed Strains with Novel American Cultivars

Global seed brands can infuse their breeding programs with popular American strains to gain a foothold in the competitive U.S. market. Many of these strains have gained a solid following among consumers in the U.S. and incorporating their unique terpene profiles and flavors can help international brands appeal to a broader audience. 

Though international strains are famous for their unique, specific effects, many consumers are also increasingly interested in novel, flavorful American cultivars. By blending classic global strains with popular American genetics, international brands can create new and innovative genetics that rival American seed banks’ offerings.

2. Embrace Exciting Seed Growing Methods Like Hydroponic

Global hemp and cannabis companies can also innovate with cultivation techniques. Many American growers use hydroponic and aeroponic systems to increase yields and improve the quality of their flower. International brands can explore these techniques and look for ways to enhance their cultivation processes to remain competitive. With research, seed producers in the global hemp and cannabis industry even have the opportunity to innovate new growing methods that could revolutionize the industry.

3. Organic Growing Practices Appeal to Sustainability-Minded Seed Consumers

Seed consumers are increasingly concerned with sustainability and organic growing practices. International seed brands can differentiate themselves by focusing on eco-friendly methods, such as producing flower and seeds using organic methods, appealing to consumers looking for eco-conscious products. 

Organic and sustainable growing practices are especially appealing to consumers who are interested in the health and wellness benefits that hemp and cannabis have to offer. Organically farmed products have a promising place in the global medical and therapeutic cannabis markets. In particular, since European strains have such stringent certification requirements, breederd in the EU are uniquely positioned to appeal to this market.

4. Emphasize Innovative Branding and Marketing

Marketing and branding are essential in the U.S. market, so global seed brands must invest in eye-catching packaging, social media campaigns, and influencer marketing to build their brand identity and connect with customers. To be successful in the American seed market, international hemp, and cannabis companies can focus on expanding consumer brand awareness through careful marketing. 

Incorporating classic worldwide strains into marketing campaigns can help global brands stand out in a crowded market. American consumers tend to choose novel products, and offering strains and products that few American consumers have tried is an excellent way to capitalize on that interest.

5. Stay Up To Date with US Regulatory Trends

Finally, international seed brands must stay current on U.S. hemp and cannabis regulations and compliance requirements. The legal landscape is continually evolving, and global brands must ensure they can legally sell their products in the U.S. market. 

The American hemp and cannabis industry is fragmented, and there are different rules and regulations that brands and breeders must adhere to in each region. Global seed companies looking to expand into the U.S. will likely need to formulate a new distribution plan to cater to American customers. A seasoned seed shipping and logistics company, like Symple Seeds, can help streamline the process.

Modernizing the Global Seed Market

Established international seed brands must innovate and adapt to remain competitive in the U.S. market. By investing in genetics, cultivation techniques, sustainability, branding, and compliance, global brands can differentiate themselves from the competition and succeed in the growing U.S. industry. Incorporating classic, world-famous strains into their innovation strategies can help these brands stand out and appeal to a broader audience.


Symple Seeds offers a full suite of services to help seed companies from all over the world distribute their genetics to eager consumers all over the world. We look forward to helping your global company expand its footprint to the U.S. and beyond. Contact us today for more information

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