Muskogee Hemp 102 Years Ago

In November of 2018 Tina Walker, the president of an Oklahoma-based industrial hemp company called Botanic announced the harvest of 104 acres of hemp two weeks prior – the first legal hemp crop grown in the state in generations. The strain was called Yuma...

The Great American Hempstone Hunt

My name is Les Stark and I have been on the trail of hempstones for the past 22 years. I first discovered them in my hometown of Ephrata back in 1997 and then found them all over my native Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. So far, I have found about 30 hempstones and...

Hemp, Love and Marriage

Some Quaint Ceremonies Of Olden Days Regarding Hemp Let’s look at some quaint ceremonies involving hemp that were practiced in the old countries and brought to America. This first story was printed in 1856 and it relates to the practice of the sowing of hemp seeds to...
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