Grandma Builds a Tiny Home Out of Hemp

Grandma Builds a Tiny Home Out of Hemp

Source: Collective-Evolution  There seems to be a common setback for people afraid to make their dreams become a reality: They don’t know where to start. Not having experience in something doesn’t make you any less capable of creating greatness or fulfilling your...
Say Hello to Hemp Sunglasses

Say Hello to Hemp Sunglasses

Source: Design-Milk While traditionally used for well, other things, hemp is a very sustainable product that can be used within 3 months, compared to trees that take years to grow. It only makes sense that scientists and designers would see how to best utilize hemp in...

Stages of Hemp Fiber Production

The picture above shows several stages of hemp fiber production from raw fiber to finished fabric, left to right and top down: 1) raw decorticated hemp fiber, 2) opened cottonized/degummed hemp, 3) yarn blend 40% hemp and 60% organically raised wool; and, 4) woven...

Bluebird Botanicals Quality Control System

Source: Bluebird Botanicals just launched a revolutionary quality control system that sets a new standard for the hemp-CBD industry by allowing for full transparency and traceability of its ingestible and vaporizable hemp products. Bluebird Botanicals...
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