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The National Hemp Association’s Hemp Educational Series would like to thank our content contributors and presenters for their time, knowledge, and services to bring you, our Members, quality hemp education on the go.

Our Mission to Support You

The National Hemp Association launched the Standing Committee for Social Equity in 2020 to highlight the disenfranchised community. To give back and to display support to the community and to our industry as a whole, we’ve launched the Hemp Educational Series for our Members and members of other non-profits whose vision and mission is to help underrepresented communities. Because of this initiative, we are able to provide quality hemp education through mobile and desktop platforms for learners at their pace.

Our Content Contributors

Bonnie Blue Farms

Bonnie Blue Farms is committed to the regeneration of the land through the conscious raising of grass-fed livestock and high-quality organic hemp. Ross and his family use a holistic approach to farming and collaboration by individuals interested in a common vision to raise produce and products that benefit both the community and the surrounding ecosystem. In 2016 after the birth of his daughter, Ross officially began his own farm after years of working at various farms including the Rodale Institute to learn the latest in organic growing techniques and farm management.  Starting with grass-fed sheep and organic vegetables, once the raising of hemp was legal for farmers in Pennsylvania, Ross jumped at the chance to learn about a new crop and industry.

Santa Fe Farms

Santa Fe Farms is a cultivator and processor of industrial hemp focused on regeneration and carbon sequestration. They transform hemp into high impact chemical and physical ingredients and components which can be incorporated into products that focus on health and wellness, human and animal nutrition, agriculture, building materials, paper, packaging, plastics, and advanced carbon products, as well as tradeable carbon “offsets/credits” used by enterprises to meet their ESG goals and/or regulatory requirements.

Presented by Calvin Frye of Cloneville


S&S Safety Solutions

S&S Safety Solutions is a business that designs, builds and implements sustainable safety and injury management programs focused on cost containment. We also offer workers compensation management and administration. and a return to work program. Our programs can be integrated into a present Safety program or it can be stand alone. We offer customized programs that can consist of only environmental audits, injury management, policy drafting or simply training your employees the importance of Safety. We have a combined 30+ years of industry experience.

Emerald Bison

Tom Bisbee completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Mathematics and Biophysics at the University of Boulder. He is the current director of EcoGen Biosciences.

HBK Cannabis Solutions

HBK Cannabis Solutions is a dedicated team of cannabis industry subject matter experts within HBK CPAs & Consultants. We were among the first accounting firms to specialize in the cannabis industry and have worked beside entrepreneurs in all industry segments—cultivators, processors, retailers—from a single facility to multi-location and vertical operations. Our team counsels owners, management, and investors in multiple states and countries, helping them with key financial activities: from planning start-ups to connecting operators with investment bankers to facilitating M&A; from pre-offering projections, state applications, and licensing to management planning and compliance. In addition, we have experience in valuing both plant-touching and ancillary businesses in the industry.


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