Current Status of Hoban Law Group’s Proposed Hemp Foods Bill

By: Abbie Marks

As of this month, the Hemp Foods Bill is now in negotiations with CDPHE. From Hoban Law Group’s top lobbyist Samantha Walsh, “we are waiting on a Policy Memo to be published in the Colorado Register that will address the hemp industry’s concerns as it applies wholesale licenses to create and manufacture hemp foods with all parts of the hemp plant.”

HLG has established a Bill sponsor and are working on full, 100% support from all stakeholders. The Policy statement will seek to address several items identified below which will vastly simplify the Hemp Food Draft Bill still waiting to be introduced into legislature:

• Defines/Identifies “industrial hemp product” to mean any product, commodity, cosmetic, supplement, food, or food additive containing any part or derivative of industrial hemp;

• Provides that the CDPHE shall consider industrial hemp and industrial hemp products or derivatives not to be adulterated under all sections of the Colorado Pure Food and Drug Law, whether as a food, food additive, or otherwise, as a result of containing any part of industrial hemp, cannabinoids, or any other derivative therefrom.

• Any “person” or entity engaged in the processing or manufacture of industrial hemp food products must be in compliance with all applicable state and local consumer safeguard regulations relating to food production and shall comply with current good manufacturing practices (CGMP) in such operations.

• Any processor, manufacturer, or seller of industrial hemp products, shall be expressly eligible for registration and annual renewal under Colorado Revised Statutes, 25-5-426, and such registrant shall not be denied, suspended, or revoked for reasons that an applicant or registrant manufactures, processes, and/or stores industrial hemp products. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment shall not require any different information for registration by reason of such application being for wholesale manufacturing and/or storage of industrial hemp products.

• It amends the Industrial Hemp Regulatory Program to provide for the identification of industrial hemp as a Farm Product and/ or Commodity under the Farm Products Act and the Commodity Handler Act, and expressly requires such processors or manufacturers to comply with the licensing requirements set forth in the Farm Products Act; and,

The Hemp Foods Bill also allows for industrial hemp products to be used as animal and livestock feed, as may be authorized which will coincide with the signing of the Study on Hemp for Animal Feed recently signed by Governor Hickenlooper. HLG is still seeking contributions for the Hemp Foods Bill and is accepting payments between $2,500-$25,000 to the address below:

Robert T. Hoban, Esq.

Managing Partner

Hoban Law Group

730 17th Street, Suite 420 Denver, CO 80202

Checks should be written out to “Hoban Law Group ESCROW”.

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