Supporting American Farmers

The first step in the production of a hemp product is the necessity to work with farmers to grow this crop. We support farmers at every step of the process to help them navigate the registration and growing of their hemp crop. Below you will find special resources aimed at the farming community.

Hemp Farm Diaries – Notes From the 2014 Growing Season

CDA_Presentation1On Friday, December 19th, the Colorado Department of Agriculture hosted a 2 hour presentation entitled:

Industrial Hemp Program: 2014 in Review and a Look Ahead

This information-packed meeting used the PowerPoint presentation shown right. Please click on the image to download the entire 2MB presentation.


Click on the map to be taken to a larger and interactive version

As part of our partnership with the Colorado Department of Agriculture, we provide the map (shown left) of the Colorado Hemp Growers. This map is updated on a quarterly basis to provide the most current information available.

Each clickable marker provides a name, email and City where the registrant is located.

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