It’s Time to Make Hemp Fully Legal at the Federal Level

Industrial Hemp Will Create Thousands of U.S. Jobs

The National Hemp Association (NHA) has launched a Federal Campaign to restore hemp as a major agricultural crop in the United States. The crop is highly sustainable: it captures carbon, rebuilds soil, is drought-tolerant requiring 1/3 the water of corn, uses no pesticides or herbicides, and was depended upon by our founding fathers for many of their everyday needs (e.g. paper, clothing, money, animal feed, oil, rope, textiles, etc.)

Our goal is to pass the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015 to provide American farmers with an environmentally sustainable crop they can add into their rotation and serve as an economic driver for rural communities and businesses.  The bill will  …

  • Enable American farmers to freely import seeds from outside the U.S. and begin growing millions of acres of American hemp
  • Help America rebuild a multi-faceted industry which would generate tens of thousands of jobs
  • Eliminate the confusion between marijuana and hemp and clarify the myriad of beneficial uses of industrial hemp
  • Clear up the conflicting legal status around the use and sale of products made from hemp extractions
  • End the restrictions surrounding the transportation of seeds and live plants across state boundaries.
  • Remove hemp from the Controlled Substances Act.

It is time to treat hemp as the sustainable agricultural crop it is. You can help support our effort by donating to or volunteering with the campaign, help out on the Hemp Road Trip or as a Community Leader.

On Veteran’s Day, Nov. 11, 2015, we launched the Campaign in Washington D.C. with an American hemp flag flying over the U.S. Capital made of industrial hemp grown in Kentucky.  We also co-hosted a “Hemp for Vets” press conference with Vote Hemp at the National Press Club.

meet_our_teamOver the next 12 months, NHA will be working closely with our Washington government relations partners to educate members of Congress about industrial hemp as a source of jobs and economic growth for our nation, plus reaching out to supporters across the U.S with forums and grassroots activities in key states.

Contact us to get involved in your area at 303-413-8066 or email us at

Twenty eight (28) U.S. states have passed hemp legislation,
including 9 states where a total of 5,000 acres of hemp were grown in 2015.
Let’s convert this potential into millions of acres and tens of thousands of jobs by making hemp legal at the federal level and in ALL 50 states.

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