✅ (Priced to SELL) 10%+ CBG BIO

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    Hemp Flower Direct

    Hello all!

    I have about 100,000 lbs of 10%+ CBG biomass that I need out.

    We have multiple current COAs to account for different regions of the bio lot.

    Video upon request.

    Specs on the biomass are:

    -10%+ CBG potency, tested back in October 2021
    -Multiple current COAs (End of March 2022)
    -CBG is from the current 2021 harvest (VERY FRESH)
    -The material is stored indoor in a climate controlled facility
    -Video available

    Asking $3.95 a lb

    Min order 50,000 lbs

    Thank You!

    TEXT or CALL me directly at (206) 485-4403

    Hemp Flower Direct LLC

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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