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    Hemp Flower Direct


    We are in need of a quality and RELIABLE D10 supplier to supply our ongoing customer base. We are working with a great lab right now, but only can supply a finite amount per week when we have clients needing much more.

    We have several clients needing ACTUAL D10 and will pay top dollar for it. There are so many scammers out the selling D8 at D10. Testing will be done to determine D10 supply with your original COAs confirmed by the lab. We only work with DEA certified labs for testing.

    We only want to work directly with the lab.

    Our clients needs when looking to buy:

    -Full Chain of Custody
    -Recent COA that can be 100% verified with the testing lab for our internal purposes *NCNDA can be created and signed to make this happen* (trusted testing facilities – ACS, Kaycha Colorado, KCA) Please do not send an Altitude or Marin. We will not accept this because our clients don’t want to see them.
    -Images of actual product in glass jars that customer receives.
    -Video of product would be very nice to have.

    All these things are what our client base asks for and gives us firepower to quickly place orders. Trust is very important and we aim to get them in our good graces by having them feel comfortable buying from us. We are fully transparent with our suppliers and most of all, our clients.

    Please let me know if you or anyone can recommend a lab to supply our company.

    Thank You

    Call/Text: (206) 485-4403

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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