20 million pound biomass $1.35 PPP- 100k pounds somkable

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    Dan Cherchian

    Fire Sale! CBD and CBG Biomass and seed for sale + Smokable 60k pounds $100 pound (19% CBD) Hawaiian Haze, Cherry Diesel, Lifter dried can be trimmed for and extra fee+ CBG biomass 16%+

    For Sale:
    50 Million pounds on Colorado pricing as low as $1.35 PPP 14% CBD *Minimum quantity order apply
    30 million pound in Canada $13.00 per pound 8%to 10%+ CBD *Minimum quantity order apply
    10 million pound in Canada $5 to $7 per pound 5.9% *Minimum quantity order apply
    100k pounds of 19.7% biomass at $11.50 per pound was harvested last Monday and dried for 3 days and bailed with 30% moisture. Open to wet tolling for half the biomass inventory as a high-bred deal.
    60k to 300k Pounds (19% CB) Smokable Hawaiian Haze, Cherry Diesel, Lifter, Crawford, Watermelon T-! and many others dried at $100.00 per pound untrimmed (can be trimmed for extra fee)$2.4 million down payment required to secure the deal. DEADLINE IS NOW

    I also have 50,000 min order to 100k pounds $135 trimmed and untrimmed $95 and Strains are Merlot, Cherry Chocolate, Hawaiian Haze, Cherry Blossom, Lifter, Oregon Watermelon, untrimmed or trimmed options. Standing farm contract expires Oct 25th so call- Delivery starting second or third week in November.
    900,000 pound of CBG 12.7% to 16% CBG call for pricing

    20 million CBG seeds for sale with 18% to 20% CBD content available all for pricing.

    ****Mobile Trimming Service ready for service!!! We can process 60,000 pounds per day call for details****

    I need 50k pounds of OG Bubba Kush or Bubba Kush so please reach out to me for pricing and quantities available.
    CBG Seeds wanted!

    Investors wanted:
    We have smokable hemp farm with 200k pounds. We have amazing pricing on bulk purchase straight from the farm and need partners to help dry and process the material. ROI is through the roof so please reach out for details.

    We are always looking for the following:
    Direct farms with CBD or CBG biomass and flower (No more than 1 broker please!!)
    Wet, damaged or low CBD % biomass
    Farmers who need help with drying or processing there harvest.

    Please text me first between 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM PST 949-395-3282

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