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    Brett Riender

    Farm to Feeling” is California’s 2nd largest hemp farm that is licensed and registered with the State.  A group of experienced agricultural farmers that have been in the industry for generations have banned together to harness the advantage of mass producing acres of hemp. Located in Ventura and Santa Barbara gives us the privilege and advantage of having some of the best climate conditions in the United States; especially for outdoor growth.  We have year round production taking advantage of the  phenomenal climate that only 2% of the world has.  The average temperature year round; ranges between 60-80 degrees on average.  We also benefit by having acres of indoor crops which allow us to farm in an even more controlled environment.  
    Once harvested everything yielded is lab tested for quality assurance.  We offer seed, biomass, crude, and coming soon distillate & isolate high quality CBD products.  Farm to Feeling is ready to supply any business, we have yet to receive an order we couldn’t fill… Give us a call for our wholesale pricing to stock your retail requirements!

    1650 E Gonzales road #336
    Oxnard Ca 93036

    Brent Reisender
    Sales Director

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