CubicFarms Automated, Hydroponic Controlled Growing Container

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    Carl Schmitt

    Virginia Industrial Surplus, LLC, has the following equipment available for sale. For more photos and specifications, contact us at

    CubicFarms Automated, Hydroponic Controlled Growing Container

    CubicFarms 40′ High Cube Control Room.

    Can be an outdoor standalone facility or placed inside an existing warehouse or greenhouse to serve as controlled environment growing chambers to grow any type of plant.

    Custom-built, stainless steel inside and out, fully insulated high cube (HC) container; 40′ L x 8′ W x 9.5′ H;

    Double door with waist-level opening handles, measures approximately 4′ wide x 8.5′ tall,

    Rear door gives access to motors, lifting mechanism and electrical panel;

    R14 insulation throughout;

    Front and rear drainage.

    Comes with Bard wall-mount air conditioner and Cruz electric humidifier.

    Control Room enables growers to have complete control over the growing environment that is so crucial for high yields and quality – a capability especially well-suited for research and development purposes. The temperature, humidity, lighting and air flow can be properly calibrated to suit crop requirements.

    Container Number AGLU 107710, 45R1. Built 2020.

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