Exotic Indoor & Greenhouse CBD Flower

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    Ashley Dellinger

    We have been working to offer the best curation of wholesale CBD hemp flower in exotic terpene and cannabinoid profiles. All of the flower is hand trimmed.

    There’s more affordable greenhouse and indoor flower as well as top shelf.

    The budget greenhouse & indoor flower price range is from $500-800 a lb depending on the different quality attributes.

    The top shelf greenhouse and indoor flower is priced from $800-1200 a lb.

    On all our flower sales we do a video call to show you the cultivars before anything is purchased or mailed out. We also have a detailed sheet overviewing all of the quality attributes from aroma strength and profile to density and morphology. We do our best to accurately describe and inform buyers of the flower before mailing it out as we all know how frustrating it is to be told “its the best flower ever” to then receive flower that is not.

    You can visit our website http://www.THEHEMPCOLLECT.com to view our products although there is a lot of flower that is not on the site so for a full menu it is best to call or email. You can email Joel@thehempcollect.com or call +1.951.830.0003

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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