Georgia is Hot for Industrial Hemp

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    Mills Rooks

    Canna-Green Holdings, LLC, is developing up to five (5) industrial hemp processing facilities in S.W. Georgia. We are experienced agribusiness people. We are located in the part of the state where there is concentrated agriculture, abundant land, willing growers, abundant water resources, and a temperate climate will allow enough hemp production to allow year-round processing operations. End-use industries are conveniently located, and several are planned. The company is forming its teams and joint-ventures at this time, and will conduct a Reg. D, Rule 506(c), private placement (for which a Form D is filed with the SEC) for its first capitalization round. Note that this notice is NOT a solicitation for the sale of any securities. Feel free to contact the company for additional information.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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