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    Caleb Hautamaki

    Hello, I live in central Wisconsin and have recently graduated from Fox Valley Technical College with an associates degree in agribusiness with an emphasis in agronomy. As you probably know Wisconsin recently made it legal to grow industrial hemp, which made me want to get involved in the industry. I was wondering if you guys had some pointers on how to get involved as a seed salesman, because I have talked to many farmers in my area who want to grow hemp but don’t know where to get seed and how to start. Thanks for the help.

    Lisa Laskowski

    Hey Caleb,

    We’re in the Madison area and are looking to process hemp into CBD oil for 2018. Right now we are in the process of distributing CBD seeds to farmers throughout the state. If there are farmers with their growers’ licenses we’d love to pass along some (cheap) seeds through you! Let us know if you’re interested.



    David Zawistowski

    Good morning

    Good luck to your search Caleb.
    Its growing fast and im sure there is something you will find.

    Lisa (Griffin) I’m looking for seeds as we speak. Few different varieties. if you could email me your contact info. Im in northwest WI myself and going to in Madison/ Chicago this weekend.

    Thanks Dave

    Caleb Hautamaki

    Goodmorning Lisa/Griffin,

    If you would allow, I would love to check out your operation. My phone number is (920)-517-9471, and my email is


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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