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    Karen Waldmann

    Hi Everyone, I’m Karen. I have joined the National Hemp Association to connect me to people who can advise me, as I research what I need to do to build a career in the industrial hemp industry. This will be new for me. For years I have been excited about all the potential of hemp. From food and fabric to houses and car panels -anyone remember that hot rod they made in the UK?- And of course best of all it is good for the planet. In the sense of potential, I know this industry is just getting started too. Well it’s a reboot, at least here in the US. I will be moving from Denver to Tucson hopefully by late May. Anybody have an idea of what types of jobs will need filling in the coming years, or what types of hemp based businesses will be in demand? I need to find my niche! Thanks everyone.


    Hey Karen, I am also interested in learning more about the hemp industry. My wife and I are moving to CO (Boulder) from the DC area. Tucson is beautiful. Is there a hemp presence there? How is it going so far there? I’ve been intrigued by hempcrete for making houses, but not sure exactly where I might start in this industry. Would love to chat sometime. My email is: Best of luck to you, Bruce

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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