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    Using Google My Business for the cannabis industry is simple and effective. If you provide any services related to marijuana, have a dispensary or a shop — GMB is a great possibility to attract more customers and make your brand recognizable.
    You need to understand that Google will in no way artificially raise your company in local search results. The fact is that the position in local search results (local search) depends on many parameters — special ranking rules.
    These parameters are evaluated by the search engine automatically based on algorithms that should provide equal opportunities for all entrepreneurs. They change over time, and information about their features is not disclosed. Local search results are shown in Search and on Google Maps when a user searches for any kind of establishment.
    For your page to reach the top positions in local search results, you need to fill it out correctly. Keep your company information up to date to keep its rating high. If you do everything systematically and correctly, you will get live targeted traffic from Search and Google Maps. Moreover, absolutely free!
    Adding a page to Google Maps allows your offline business to appear online. Verification (confirmation of the company’s address in Google services) gives you the ability to manage the page and fill it with important content, which provides additional opportunities to promote and stimulate sales. Moreover, it is absolutely free!
    On the page rank, you can correctly fill it in initially and systematically add new content to it. Give your page at least 15 minutes a day, and it will repay you a hundredfold. Encourage guests and customers to add their photos, reviews, and questions.
    The service’s capabilities are proportional to the time spent working with it. And it is quite convenient to use it both from a PC and from a smartphone.

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