Here to answer questions about what a vendor looks for in smokable hemp flower.

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    Hi All – I posted a few days ago in the buyers/sellers thread about my company Berkshire CBD looking to purchase smokable CBD flower and received a lot of emails from growers with questions about hemp flower. The most common question is what the market rate we are seeing for smokeable hemp bud. There’s a pretty large range in quality. Starting at $250-$350/lb for untrimmed, larfy, poorly cured flower. Which is typically cut colas from a biomass crop. On the higher-end (what we’re purchasing) we pay anywhere from 400-550/lb. This flower is the same genetics that is being grown for oil extraction, however it’s cultivated and processed in the same manner as traditional high THC cannabis. We look for dense buds, high terpene aroma, proper cure for at least 60 days, tightly hand trimmed and a RH between 50-60%.

    Here are some examples of images and COAs of what we currently offer and are purchasing from growers CBD hemp flower.

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