How to choose the best cannabis SEO keywords for your brand?

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    Know Your Cannabis Brand
    When it comes to coming up with keywords, first you have to know your brand. If you’re going to expect your audience to know your brand, you have to ensure that you understand it yourself. Start by considering what your brand is about, and what your goals are.

    Search Intent and Cannabis SEO
    Once you’ve established brand awareness, it’s time to think about relevance. Brainstorm a list of questions that people might be searching for relevant to your cannabis business. Think about your product line, if you have one. If not, think about your service offerings. Which are your most popular products or areas of service? Why do your customers come to you? Which products could use a boost in awareness?

    Research Your Brand & Competitors
    When it comes to being strategic within our brands, there are certain things we just don’t know. If you’re ever in need of a quick check-up, search your brand on Google. You’ll see related keywords at the bottom of the page that can give you an idea of what your audience is searching for, and these can help you further your scope and develop a key strategy of effective keyword research. This can also help you understand who your competitors are, and allow you to develop a strategy about honing your keywords to take on your brand’s competitors.

    Do you need examples for your cannabis SEO keywords?

    Cannabis SEO

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