Intertribal Hemp Coordinator Wanted

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    Winona LaDuke


    Meet with tribes in-person including Sisseton, White Earth, Lower Sioux, Cheyenne River, Rosebud, Red Lake, and Native American farmers among others to:

    Jointly create tribal hemp policies

    Procure and test seed varieties and share information about experiences.

    Share technical knowledge.

    Create a strong network of indigenous/tribal hemp farmers (facilitate technical assistance and capacity-building), and strengthen our Indigenous Hemp Cooperative.

    Support Youth:

    Graduate youth through our AAI curriculums/programs.

    Increase the number of youth participants and create the next generation of community organizers, indigenous scientists/farmers, and leaders.

    Develop communications systems and education materials to build a network of informed growers and tribal members and government leaders:

    Develop a web page for Anishinaabe Agriculture Institute and for the Intertribal Hemp Cooperative.

    Develop primers for tribal governments on hemp and cannabis to better inform tribal decision making and direct technical resources for farmers.

    Create a data bank on technological options for hemp /cannabis processing to better inform tribal decision making from the field to the canvas tarp.

    Develop a curriculum for use with tribal colleges, and in tribal communities, available nationally, but focused on this region.

    Share farming and technology know-how broadly among tribal communities

    For more information:
    To apply send Cover Letter and Resume to

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