Large Buyer Needs Top Grade Flower

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    Large quantity buyer looking for up to 2000 pounds weekly of high-quality, smokable flower – no brown, no mold, no stems or seeds. Must be vibrant in appearance, must have a really good nose/terpene profile. Looking for strains such as Bubba Kush, Hempress, Mango, Lifter, Sour Space Candy, etc. We will buy bucked ($100-$180/lb.) or hand-trimmed (up to $300/lb.). We will also buy on stem for the right price.

    Also looking for littles – 1000+ pounds per week. Will pay $80 – $100 per pound for good quality, screened flower. No shake, stems, seeds, browns, or mold.

    ***We are serious buyers who will purchase weekly if quality and pricing are competitive***

    Please email pictures, COA’s, pricing, and quantity available to

    Jason Gulisano

    Hi Jennifer,
    I am a broker in Vermont and Maine
    Let’s have a conversation about high quality organic product.
    Would like to see if there is a connection.

    My best

    Jay H

    Good day Jennifer,

    Would you be interested in CBG flowers? In 2 week we’ll have 500 lbs of CBG.

    feel free to drop me a line @



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    J&J Holdings

    I have good flower at around that price. Give me a call at 201-375-7307


    We have our suppliers in place. I will hang onto your contact info should something change.

    J&J Holdings

    Sounds good, thank you Jennifer. Hope we can do business in the future

    Ashley Dellinger

    We specialize in sprayed, greenhouse and premium indoor flower but also carry contracts for mid grade and smalls. Call us to discuss bulk pricing & unlisted inventory or visit our website for an overview

    Jake Daigle

    We are a smaller farm IN east TN. we are estomating between 800-1000 lbs this year of buds we are currently tested at 17.92% CBD. WE also have a small amount of CBG at 17% CBG. If we can help in anyway pleas let us know!


    Hey, Jennifer😊👋, with that demand of so much weight. Would any of your clients, including you, be interested in a “growing contract” we can grow anything of your accommodation for 2020-2021? We are located in Southern California.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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