Looking to purchase premium CBD Flower

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    We sell online at Berkshire CBD and we’re looking for addional vendors. Please contact me at admin@berkshirecbd.com

    We require
    – State license
    – Strain-specific certificate of analysis
    – 5g samples for internal testing
    – Hand Trimmed
    – Cured


    My hand trimmed hemp flower is sure to meet your needs. I have 194 lbs remaining. I have emailed you. You can also reach me at (615) 456-3152

    Lyle Bogorad

    Hi, I am putting together a newsletter and classifieds ad site. If you are interested in posting a free or paid listing, ads or sponsored blog posts, please let me know. My email is lyle@chromaticclouds.com, 917-678-1273

    Kamran Hakimi

    Hi Berkshire team,

    We will have 10k-15k lbs of Organic Premium flower. Our six strains will vary between 12-15% CBD. We will also send sample for you to test. Reach me at 571-488-4747


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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