MARIJ’s Wholesale Top Shelf Hemp Flower $207.50/lb

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    MARIJ’s best selling hand trimmed Cherry Hope hemp flower at WHOLESALE prices!

    We are farmers not brokers and we have our hemp flower ready to be shipped from our farm to your door.

    Cherry Hope flower is a wonderful sativa-like cherry strain with a great terp profile and total cannabinoid count. Perfect anytime smoke and has a smooth, heady burn. Wonderful for anxiety and mood enhancement. Light green nicely cured buds will not disappoint.

    This hemp flower is absolutely hands down the best hemp flower to make 50:50 blends with real flower. In fact, by making this type of hybrid you can expect to get 1.5 to 2 times more out of your real flower with this awesome smelling and tasting blend of GREATNESS.

    It also meets the <0.3 Delta9-THC requirements and has an impeccable COA.

    I promise you will not believe it’s hemp flower!

    Cherry Hope Smokable Hemp Flower: $207.50/lb

    MARIJ also has Cherry Hope shake & a Cherry Hope Kief that is out of this world for sale.

    We are ready to ship nationally or internationally.

    No minimum order.

    Call or text
    Mike Lambert @ MARIJ

    MARIJ-The Best For You

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