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    Got more stuff for you guys!! It’s going fast, and I don’t blame it. Cured for 4-6 months in an insulated lettuce facility, it’s like a giant curing bottle. The aroma is so strong and captivating if you ask me. It smells so much better than a fresh harvest. Due to it being properly cured, ask anyone how important curing is for marijuana hemp. Just like fine wine, ladies and gentlemen, your not going to want to miss this.

    At the moment, we have .2 Thc hemp flower (Abacus v2) 4,500-5000lb.
    -Certified Organic and smokable
    -COA’s and all paperwork.

    $135 an lb. (Ask me how you can get it for $115)

    Please contact:

    Thach Le
    Imperial, CA 92251

    (442)226-9239 Text/Call (Anytime)
    “Be a beast! Grind while others sleep”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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