Organic Certified Hemp Processor, some capacity available

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    Steve St Clair

    Looking for a Diversified, Professional and Reliable Organic Certified Toll Processing Company for your USDA hemp biomass?

    Enerhealth Botanicals, LLc, has been in business extracting over 100 herbs for over a decade and now offers low-cost, professional and fully transparent toll processing service. We are capable of converting your raw hemp material into decarboxylated and winterized CBD crude oil using organically certified inputs and process. We can also do conventional ethanol extraction if you like, it is always lower in price per input pound. We can offer further refinement into CBD distillate.

    Enerhealth Botanicals can process approximately 12,000 pounds of dried hemp biomass per month. If you need your raw hemp processed either organically or using conventional ethanol we can accommodate. Please contact us as soon as possible to make sure you secure a spot. We still have some excess capacity to fill this year.

    We also offer private label services. This is a unique offering in that we process at room temperature in order to extract all the constituents of the hemp plant, cannabinoids, sugars and lipids. All of these constituents working in concert have been shown, scientifically, to encourage the ‘entourage effect’ and truly makes a wonderful and highly efficacious finished product. We have years of experience using organic flavorings and can blend in the medium (MCT, or other oil) desired.

    Enerhealth Botanicals is licensed and certified in the State of Colorado and holds an organic certificate for our organic hemp process from Oregon Tilth, the premier organic certification agency. Our focus is on providing exceptional customer service and full transparency. We are also regularly inspected by the FDA to ensure compliance with Good Manufacturing Principles.

    Our Extraction lab, Post Processing lab and Cleanroom are housed in our 18,000 sq. ft. organically certified facility. We have a staff of Chemists, biologists, pharmacologist and herbalists capable of producing pure, consistent and potent whole-plant extracts.

    It is extremely important that you select a professional, honest, reliable and fully transparent CBD extraction company that has longevity in the industry when looking to process your valuable hemp material.

    Feel free to contact us to learn more about our toll processing service.
    Processing facility address: 14115 Mead St, Longmont, CO 80504. Phone: (303)702-0833 or email me at

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