Secure, Insured, and Reliable Hemp Transportation!

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    Fide Freight


    Fide Freight is willing to take on the headache of transporting hemp, cbd, biomass, and isolate shipments! Let us take on the frustrations of getting pulled over countless times and working through the logistics of getting your product safely to it’s destination. We have over 1.5 million trucks ready to haul just about anything you have.

    We offer Full truck load service, Less than truckload service, Lift-gated service and just about anything you would need! We can even source a FLEET of trucks to move those larger orders!

    We have used 48′ flatbeds with tarps, 53′ reefer vans, 53′ vented vans, sprinter vans (just a small van that can move 1 or 2 pallets quick and easily!) and straight box trucks (28′).

    Call us today to get a quote! We always try and give you the best deal possible which is why we shop it out to over 70,000 certified and insured carriers! We will match you up with the best carrier possible!

    Jon (269) 331-9905
    Zach (269) 908 9995

    More questions you may have:
    Is it legal to ship hemp?
    How do I ship my company’s hemp?
    What are the required documents to ship hemp?

    Certified to operate in the United States! $100,000 in Cargo insurance per load. We can boost this number to match the value of your cargo! WE HAVE ACTUAL HEMP COVERAGE! All of our trucks will be locked, and will be tamper proof. We can even provide pictures of the cargo before we ship it!

    Sprinter Van: Can fit about three 48 x 48 skids with over 5000lb of cargo.

    Dry Van: Enclosed, 53′ long and 8.5′ wide, can carry up to 45,000 lbs. Best for product that is enclosed in super sacks or bulk bags.

    Reefer Truck: Enclosed, temperature regulated, 53′ long and 8.5′ wide, can carry up to 44,000 lbs. Best for product that is enclosed in super sacks or bulk bags and requires a certain temp (60 degrees and above).

    Flat bed: Not enclosed, 53′ long and 8.5′ wide, can carry up to 48,000 lbs. Best for compact bales.

    Give us a call any time! We are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

    All of our enclosed trucks will be GPS tracked, have locks, will be tamper proof, and we can offer additional value by taking pictures of the product before we ship it so that you or your customer can see it!

    Get in touch with us today!

    We will see you at the upcoming Auction in Nashville this month!


    Fide Freight Team.


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