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    In the simplest case, digital marketing means the delivery of a variety of offers and advertising communications through digital channels – from search engines to mobile applications.

    There are many reasons for the popularity of digital marketing and search engine promotion, but we will focus only on the basic numbers. When looking for information, products, or services, consumers are mainly guided by relevance and convenience. That is, they use well-known mobile devices – they open a search engine on a smartphone or tablet, instead of a paper catalog or a call to the help desk.

    For example, in 2019, about 75% of Americans said they go online daily. At the same time, about 26% said that they are online almost constantly, and 43% – that they are online at least several times a day. If we consider exclusively mobile users, then the numbers will be even higher.

    What Does This Mean for Marketers?

    Digital channels are effective and affordable brand promotion tools. The main challenge for specialists is not so much the connection of their brands to these channels but their effective use.

    Since most digital communication channels use Internet access, it is also fair to call it online marketing.

    What are the main benefits of online marketing? Let’s list a few main ones – these are:
    –Wide opportunities for coverage;
    – High-cost efficiency and many customization options available;
    – Variety of data to analyze performance and find opportunities for improvement;
    – Extensive opportunities for advertising delivery and communication personalization.

    Search Engine Optimization is just one of the many components that Digital Marketing includes. But its significance is great.

    More and more people are making purchases online – they look for information on Google, read reviews, and compare prices. Since, according to various estimates, Google’s market share is estimated at more than 90%, we can say that most of your potential customers will use search services in one way or another. Therefore, the effective ranking will help to consistently attract more new customers who are in the early stages of the life cycle – people who are just beginning to be interested in your field or industry in general terms and are not yet looking for a specific solution to a specific problem.

    Also, SEO helps to overcome the lack of trust in an unfamiliar brand or new service. And existing users can get relevant information faster from your news or blog. Optimized snippet generating pages and knowledge panels look more authoritative and secure.

    The main advantages of search engine optimization in the structure of digital marketing:
    – The stable and constant increase in brand awareness;
    – Increase in sales by attracting higher quality traffic;
    – Improving the quality of user experience for your website visitors;
    – Implementation of the most effective technical solutions, especially for users of mobile devices.

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