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    The goal of advertising is to sell, and the goal of good advertising is to be remembered. Aside from the link between marketing and advertising and sales, the link between search engine optimization and advertising sometimes seems subtle.
    Most often, the phrase “advertising channel” means a source of information that can be used to advertise your product or service. Even though most foreign articles will consider advertising channels when talking about marketing channels, you should not confuse the two concepts. The former is a much narrower concept, while the marketing channel encompasses the full range of efforts, parties, and organizations.
    In practice, when it comes to advertising channels, you can hear several more classification options: ATL/BTL, Online/Offline, and, for example, On-Premise and Off-Premise. The last option is only applicable for those brands that can clearly identify that their target audience is going to specific places: clubs, concert halls, wholesale stores, gas stations, etc. Accordingly, all advertising that can be placed on the territory of such a location will be related to On-Premise and everything else — to Off-Premise.
    As for Above-the-Line (ATL) — this is the type of advertising aimed at a wide audience with a low level of targeting and an almost complete lack of personification. Simply put, mass media such as radio, TV advertisements, or various forms of outdoor ads. Below-the-Line (BTL) means focusing the efforts of advertisers and marketers on specific segments of the target audience. For example, a promotion for the distribution of free branded cocktails at a party or an email distribution for the participants of the discount program.
    To measure the effectiveness of almost any ad, you need to derive and analyze two main metrics — Total Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). The former is often lower because it includes all costs incurred to create and publish an ad, from design to ad placement. At the same time, ROAS includes only the direct cost of placing a ready-made creative on an advertising platform. One of the main factors affecting the effectiveness of an ad is Brand Awareness. And this is where Search Engine Optimization comes into play, along with Reputation Marketing and a wide range of other factors.
    There are three main components of Brand Awareness:
    Prompted brand awareness — that is, how often your brand is remembered after mentioning a category, as well as a reminder in the form of a logo, storyline, or brand name.
    Unprompted brand awareness — that is, how often your brand is remembered without any reminder other than the category of a product or service.
    General Level of Recognition — that is, the proportion of people able not only to remember but also to identify the attributes of your brand correctly: logo colors, slogan, product category, etc.
    Why do we need all these classifications? To understand that the effectiveness of advertising as such and individual advertising channels depend on many efforts in different directions. And, also, to understand that search engine optimization can have an indirect. And in some cases, even a direct impact on these factors.
    Naturally, a lot has changed since then, apart from the need to be guided by data, not assumptions. And search engine optimization can be not only a great tool for increasing the effectiveness of your advertising but also a crucial source of invaluable data about your real buyers and customers.

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