Seo vs SMM

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    Google has repeatedly suggested that social media is not a direct factor in ranking. Nevertheless, the presence of references to links on social networks is considered part of a healthy link profile.
    As we said before, social media doesn’t directly affect ranking results directly, but the links you share on social platforms increase brand awareness. As an indirect factor, social media can have the following effects:
    Accelerating the pace of distribution of your content;
    Increasing the relevance of your publications in terms of attracting traffic;
    Positive impact on overall brand awareness, trust, and reputation;
    Improving local ranking results.

    When ranking search results for one or another key query, two factors are increasingly important — the value and usefulness of content for users. Thus, Google’s algorithms are taking into account an increasing number of indicators that can indicate that a particular link answers a particular question well. Therefore, having an active audience on social networks that will share and comment on your publications will definitely not harm the authority and position of your link.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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