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    Ross King

    Looking for a Professional and Reliable Toll Processing Company?

    Kind Roots Botanicals, LLC offers low-cost, professional and fully transparent toll processing service. We are capable of converting your raw hemp material into decarboxylated and winterized CBD crude oil or by further refinement into CBD distillate, THC-free Distillate or CBD Crystal Isolate, depending on your specific product requirements.

    Kind Roots Botanicals can process approximately 150,000 pounds of dried biomass per month. If you need your raw hemp processed we can accommodate. Please contact us as soon as possible to make sure you secure a spot.

    Kind Roots Botanicals is licensed and certified in the State of Colorado with our focus on providing exceptional customer service and full transparency. Our Extraction lab, Post Processing lab and Cleanroom are housed in our 30,000 sq. ft. processing facility in Wray, Colorado.

    Kind Roots Botanicals has a staff of trained experts capable of producing pure, consistent and potent whole-plant extracts. We created a custom “Inventory Management Software Program” that offer our tolling clients access to their daily run rates, yields and test results.

    It is extremely important that you select a professional, honest, reliable and fully transparent CBD extraction company when looking to process your valuable hemp material.

    Feel free to contact us to learn more about our toll processing service.

    Processing facility address: 380 North Dexter Street, Wray, Colorado 80758
    Contact: Ross King / Phone: 303-548-4300 / Email:

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