TOLLING***Super Critical CO2 Processing Available Now @ $19.00 LB

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    Our CO2 process captures all the terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids in the raw extraction process, keeping as much of the genetic profile in the plant as possible. Using CO2 hemp extraction allows us to avoid contamination from chemicals and cross-contamination from the re-use of chemicals, such as ethanol.

    Our primary location operates in a 172,000 square foot GMP and FDA Certified Organic Processing facility With state of the art solar, wood chip, and environmental controls, we provides the most advanced super critical CO2 extraction machines on the market today. Utilizing a “closed-loop extracting method,” our processing facility produces the highest yields of oils containing chemicals and flavors from the plant material before final processing.
    Our current capacity is 9,000 pounds per day.

    After all the time, the love, the investment and care you put into your hemp biomass…You are finally ready for processing your biomass into CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum Distillate, THC Free Distillate, Water Soluble CBD or Winterized Crude Oil. You need someone who will give you honest, professional and unbias advice every step of the way. My offer is simple and fair. You pay $19.00 LB and provide 14% CBD Biomass. I will return 71 Kilos per ton of CBD Isolate process in our GMP facilities with the best in class quality standards and testing. We utilize GC/MS, LC/MS/MS, melt point and LC/UV to measure the quality as we produce the finished goods. The process uses Fractional Distillation Columns for a purity that is unmatched, averaging 99% or better potency.

    Send me a message today to discuss your options: Sylvester 281.616.1146

    We offer scalability for larger producers and economic opportunity for smaller farmers.

    Kelly Kielbasa

    Im interested in finding an extractor. I have
    22000 cbg plants in the ground and want to find
    A company I can trust to do my extraction
    Please call me 435 828 0090. Kelly Kielbasa

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