Trim Hemp Flower Needed

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    William Filter

    I am looking to purchase trimmed hemp flower for a client.

    Kevin Castagnola

    We have approx. 140,000 lbs. of biomass in Kentucky with an average of 7% CBD we are looking to sell. We are a licensed Hemp handler/processor in Kentucky.

    Kevin Castagnola
    JADE Partners, LLC

    Debbie Strong

    We have indoor and outdoor available. What type of flower are you looking for and how much?
    Debbie Strong
    Strong Vertical Gardens

    Caleb Hampton

    Feel free to shoot me an email or a text and we can further discuss the specifics of what you’re looking for. I can provide outdoor, greenhouse, or indoor flower depending on your demands for quality and price points.
    Cell 478-290-4918

    gabriele santi


    my name is Gabriele Santi i have a small farm in the California central coast . I have available hemp flower from october 2019 harvest as well as from my most recent winter harvest .

    We also offer biomass

    COA available

    Please contact me if you are interested

    Monique Milleson

    Hi my name is Monique Milleson from Anthill Farm Agroforestry.
    We have Hand trimmed, certified organic Lifter Hemp with 20% CBD content, from our Fall 2019 harvest.
    Please Email me if you are interested

    Nan Hummel

    Hi William,

    If you would send me your email I will send you a price list with strains that are available with high content of CBD. Please email me at 480- 400 4111
    Best regards,
    O-Factor, LLC

    Samuel Fisher

    We have lots of hemp flower
    Suver haze 50,000lbs at $60 per lb trimmed
    T2 25,000lbs at $50 per lb trimmed
    Red Bardo 5,000 lbs at $50 per lb trimmed and more

    Jay H

    Good day ,

    My name is Julian.

    We have indoor / outdoor CBG flower.

    feel free to shoot me an email or text or 702-670-8745


    Smokey Creek Hemp

    We have White CBG for sale. Smokeable flower, hand trimmed. Harvested in September by hand in East Tennessee. COA’s available upon request.
    Delta 9 THC – ND
    Total CBD- 1.026%
    CBGa- 16.113%
    Total Cannabinoids- 19.191%

    Contact Pat @ 423-663-8312

    J&J Holdings


    We have high quality light depth CBD/CBG, greenhouse/indoor. Prices vary from quantity and quality.

    Give me a call at 201-375-7305

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    Donna Hines

    We have 2020, Lifter and Sour Space Candy ready to go!


    Hello, @dh2020 Donna Hines can you please shoot me a price on the Sour Space Candy

    Thach Le (broker)
    (442) 226-9239

    Debbie Strong

    Indoor and Outdoor

    We have 50 pounds of 2020 outdoor Abacus 2.0 that has been hung dried and cured in a climate controlled room. Machine tumbled 2 times. It is ready to ship
    350 pounds of outdoor bio mass and 100 pounds of indoor bio mass. Bring me an offer for the biomass.
    20 pounds of indoor Abacus 2.0 premium flower for sale.

    Debbie Strong

    gabriele santi

    hello we are a small farm in california. We have flower ready to go.

    Pesticide free
    Hung dried
    Hand Shucked
    Machine tumbled
    Hand finished
    Great nose
    Cured and stored in a temperature controlled room

    approximately 3000lbs.

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