Trim Hemp Flower Needed

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    We have USDA and non (all clean full panel) and can easily accommodate your request depending on PPP.

    Matthew Brandow (American White Label CBD)

    206-604-6366 (call or text)

    Marc Bourgeois

    We have 100 pds of cherrywine flower and 50 pounds of Earlybird available and trimmed to order


    We have flower from the current season (just harvested). Our flower is AAA, seedless, vibrant, amazing nose. All flower is hand-trimmed and then quality controlled and put into 1 pound turkey bags. We have the following strains:

    Light Dep Bubba Kush smalls
    Bubba Kush
    Sour Space Candy
    Hawaiian Haze

    Amanda Eade

    Good Afternoon!

    I have growers that I worked with in North Carolina and Virginia that have product that would fit what you are seeking. Please let me know if I can provide you any additional information.



    (919) 537-5437

    PJ Campbell

    Limited quantities of our natural boutique hand-trimmed smokeable hemp flower for sale. We are located in San Diego County. You can check us out on our website:
    Prices on our website are retail, not wholesale. Please contact me directly about wholesale pricing and available strains.

    Monique Milleson

    Hi, We have trimmed certified Organic Lifter 21% CBD content and Suver Haze at 20% CBD content 100 lbs of each available. Northeast PA. $375/Lb $350 10/lb and up.


    We have boutique, Organic, machine & hand trimmed, smokable flower. 2 CBG cultivars and 4 CBD cultivars from the 2020 harvest available.
    Along with those, we have biomass Available from each.
    All grown in North Dakota over the 2020 season.

    Feel free to reach out if you are interested.



    Niche grower 300 lbs of custom crafted flower,slow dried ,slow cured (old school) in environmentally controlled facility. Machine trimmed. Aromatic and sticky, 10-12 % cbd. Hawaiian Haze, Kwik Kush, Cherry Wine,Mountain Mango. Full Safety Panel Tested-Very clean.

    Monique Milleson

    Hi, We are Anthill Farm Agroforestry, certified Organic PCO. located in Honesdale PA.
    We have over 50 lbs trimmed Hemp flower ready to go, more coming every week.
    Lifter 21.5% CBD content, White CBG, and Suver Haze
    beautifully trimmed with our ultra trimmer, sorted for biggest buds or smaller.

    Going for $250/lb but willing to negotiate at higher volumes.

    Donald Lewis

    Central California Coast High Quality of both CBG and CBG A strain like no other, Valentine Kush OG
    at 16.23% CBD, and Lemon G 1.0 CBG, created cultivar with 15.07% Cannabinoids Sum. Compliant and Monterey County permitted.
    Great nose, very sticky and priced right. Controlled environment, slow cured.
    (831) 596-9865
    (831) 385-6233


    We have thousands of pounds of beautiful hand-trimmed Diesel, Bubba Purps, Hazy Lifter, and Hawaiian Haze. The flower has an amazing nose, is vibrant and seedless. Wholesale pricing for Bubba Purps is $350/lb. and all others are $200-$225/lb. You can check out our website for images: (HH pictures coming soon).

    Feel free to reach out if you are interested:

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    Hi Gabriele,

    Do you still have flower available? If yes, please shoot me an email:

    Thank you!


    Colin Little

    Hi there! Are you still looking to purchase flower? We have 200 acres in Northern California and would love to help. We have CBG/CBD/D8 trimmed and untrimmed flower at all levels. AAA, mids, smalls.

    MOQ IS 1LB. My name is Colin. Thank you!


    i have 3500 lbs of bucked green flower was hung in darkness at 18.2 cbd and kept cool i also have proly 300 lbs of smokable still on stem hanging in cool and darkness to keep its color this is my 2020 crop ,270-952-2551

    Monique Milleson

    Hello, from Anthill Farm Agroforestry
    We have 50+ lbs. of Lifter Hemp flower 2020 harvest
    Certified PCO Organic and COAs for purity and CBD content.
    Trimmed with Ultra trimmer, hand finished. Sorted for larger buds smaller and ready to go.
    Finished at 21.5% CBD, high terpenes and excellent quality
    $325/lb. willing to negotiate for larger quantities.

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