USDA Certified Organic, High-Quality CBG & CBD Biomass for Sale

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    Keith Ryan

    USDA-Certified Organic Biomass for Sale. Proof of Life: Stored in 10,000 sqft Climate Controlled Preservation Facility (humidity maintained at 60%, temperature maintained at 65 degrees). Full Panel COAs provided upon request. Genetics are Oregon CBD. 2020 harvest varieties and quantities are as follows:
    – Suver Haze 40,000 lbs
    – CBG White 5,000 lbs

    All biomass hand-cut and hand shucked/bucked. Drying techniques include both machine dry as well as climate controlled hang dry.

    Potency is as follows:
    – Suver Haze: 25.3% total Cannabinoids, 20.6 CBD, 0.2 Delta-9
    – CBG White: 18.5% total Cannabinoids, 18.1% CBG, 0 Delta-9

    Pricing is $15 per pound for each

    email: or call 203-906-3536

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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